Interactive support for screenshots

Interactive support for screenshots

We've seen QR codes, this is to build on top of this using it as a basis for a platform for remote user IT support. Reform non disruption.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

When ecountering an error it can be dysfunctional to your work in your project, day to day target you would want and need to achieve. You may see an error to prompt you for a resolution which in turn you must prompt to your IT support for a resolution.

We now, or in my experiences need for our office support in house to initiate the steps into resolving the matter or equally raise a ticket to IT support for remote user resolution. 

In taking a screenshot or snippet, this application will take initially the concept of a QR code so that support is live and interactive in being aware of the query at hand and therefore its resolution. Also internally or outsourced support can work on this ticket without disrupting any other actions you can carry out whilst this is going on.

The screenshot will be a live user access interconnected to your server and desktop where IT support can remotely see all your live problems with your errors without ever having to log in and calling (unless you would appreciate a call) to your machine. Seeing all the coding live and machine running processes the IT support can run and fix making it applicable live user acces resolution.