Interactive Educational Solutions

by Khurram Waris in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

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Our aim is to continuously design innovative interactive studying solutions that would offer visual aids to learn science and maths subjects

by Khurram Waris in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom


Educational curriculum notably at KS3 to KS5 level for STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) does not offer students with practical exposure. It is often due to schools restricted on resources such as infrastructure and laboratory hardware. Students are forced to memorise by heart science laws and equations to complete homework and pass exams. Teachers offer various analogies to simplify science and engineering concepts which are hard to teach and learn without visual aids. It is important that students have basis knowledge related to STEM subjects and devices such as sensors, multi-axis robots, motors and controllers so they could develop an innovative mind from the outset. The emerge of system-on-chip SOC and embedded hardware such as Arduino/Raspberry PI has opened the doors to create STEM courses and kits. However, investment to set up classrooms with individual desks equipped with educational development board is reported to be not justified. Teachers are required to explain STEM principles by means of animations or gamification to keep students engaged during lessons. 


Ioteach researched the market and requirement for Interactive Studying Solutions that could be easily acquired by teachers and students. We explored STEM solutions and found that sensors, robots, motor and developments kits were not designed to engage student’s interest and assist with learning key concepts. We developed teaching toolchain that offers interactive learning solution across many STEM subjects. It is convenient for students to carry around and learn at leisure. After research and consultation, Ioteach found that a computer simulation based teaching platform was most favoured by students as well as parents and teacher.


We researched the market and soon found we were the first movers aiming to engineer Interactive Studying Solutions based on computer simulation. 


Ioteach interactive solutions for Education advances capability of Educational Technologies Ed Tech. Our mission is to engage students in both dedicated and interdisciplinary self-learning and teaching facilities whilst providing a lifelong experimental practice for students. The prime benefit to students is deep learning and understanding of STEM subjects and observing the limitations of the theory offered by text books educations. Moreover, because in my schools and colleges, the time available for courses on such subjects is so limited, using our teaching solutions, student benefit from self-study tools that add extra dimension and visualisation to their learning experience.






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A comprehensive studying solution to learn physics and mathematics via sensors. Our interactive studying solution will provide visual aids to learn even the most complex laws and formulae that we find in text books. We are continuously innovating and you get free evaluation copy for all of our new products.

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