Interaction Starvation

Interaction Starvation

Interaction Starvation is a project to promote interaction among people while raising money to allow the initiation of an online business

We did it!

On 29th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £35 with 2 supporters in 56 days


I'm Nicole, and I'm currently studying Design Management at the London College of Communication and working part time as a barista. I'm craving to start something of my own to earn the right salary to survive during my studies and apply the entrepreneurial knowledge I'm getting from my course in the real world of the marketplace. 

What I would like to do and which are the means?

I found an easy way to open an online shop through, but the earnings of my current job are not enough to sustain both me and an early business.

The online store I want to start will sell a small variety of clothing/apparel, mugs, totes, phone cases, leggings and casual dresses. The manufacturer will be Printful.  

Printiful is an online service which customises products for its customers. I would link their app to my online store and thus present their raw products with my designs to the client.

The name of my brand would be "Interaction Starvation" and my objective is to sell human connections through my graphic designs. 

I'm currently using Shopify free trial, and I'd love you to visit it here:

What do I mean with the sentence "...sell human's connections through graphic designs"?

Its significance lies in the concept of my designs. My designs are communicative phrases such as "Hi!", "How are you today? I mean it!" or "Smiling to people will only give you a better day" designed through design-typography. My designs can also be illustrated drawings always related to human interaction.

I opened an Instagram page for Interaction Starvation where I will share thoughts and photos to encourage individuals to overcome the blasé attitude and open up to strangers by writing their feeling on their garments. Catalogues, posts, events, graphic designs and street performances will generate the material on Instagram to create a movement able of promoting human's interaction.

How will I use the money raised from Crowdfunder?

I will use the money raised from Crowdfunder to pay:
-60£ Registration at the Company House as a solo/trader (to be able to pay taxes and introduce the brand on the Ecommerce)
-900£ Three months subscription to Shopify 
-400£ (approximately) for three months subscription to a drop shipping and fulfillment service (I can't assure the exact price as such services don't give you the information until you are an actual business).
I need this expense to avoid the trouble of printing labels and shipping orders myself thus I can employ all my study-free time in what I do best :)
-XXXX£ extra raised will be used for extra charges and the fulfillment of the Interaction Starvation movement (catalogues, posts, events, graphic designs, street performances, etc.)

Why do I want to complicate my life? 

(This part is all about human interaction!)
I'm a very ambitious person. Every happening in my life has created in me a propensity to help people and myself. Every day I see and feel sadness and apathy all around me, sometimes within me, and want to help to overcome this reality. 
I want to start this business to both encourage connections between people and gain experience in the entrepreneurial world before I graduate. "Why should I skip the steps of life?" you might be wondering? It's because my plans after graduation are much bigger, more powerfull and able to help even more people! Very shortly, I'm working with another person to open a franchising of in-store manufacturing which manufactures through new technologies and digital tools to create customised and bespoke hand made garments to the broad audience of the high street fashion. All this to overcome sweat factories,  create jobs, preserve the environment and create an alternative shopping experience that eliminates the (crowded and apathetic) industrial alike of the only one available in today's real life. Crazy and impossible you may think. Yes, maybe; or maybe not. 
However, this is why I have to challenge myself and gain experience through the opening of Interaction Starvation! 
Any offer will be meaningful to me and vital to the creation of this business and movement. I assure you I am a focused and reliable person and I will do anything it takes to reach my dreams and create a meaningful life through helping others!
Please visit my blog to know more about my interests and commitments: 

Summary of all the links

Interaction Starvation Shopify Shop

Interaction Starvation Instagram 

Personal Blog 

Survey "Can Ustopia work?" (This is a survey we made to understand if people like the idea of our future business and would be willing to change their habits. It shortly describes the dynamics of Ustopia. If you would like to know more in depth about this project, please, email me. I always love talking about it) 

Don't hesitate to contact me for any question, further information and collaborations:

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