Integrated Farm project in Congo Brazzaville

by Hugues Ekani Onambélé in République du Congo

Integrated Farm project in Congo Brazzaville


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We expect to optimize our profitability after 10 years and create new jobs and hiring 2594 workers among local communities.

by Hugues Ekani Onambélé in République du Congo

Zoe Multiservice SA is a Congolese company created under the Ohada Central African business standards in November 2013. This company aims at developing its main activity on agricultural commodities in Northern Congo as a start-up.

The company owns now 25 hectares of land in Northern Congo, Sembe Souanke, bordered by the road to Mazingo in Gabon.

 As a start-up, Zoe Multiservice SA will optimize these 25 hectares (and to be added 75 hectares) by creating an integrated farming structure:

- Cassava planting and selling (10 hectares).

- Cassava processing to cassava flour with a plant of 10 tons daily production.

- 10 hectares should be allocated to Cocoa  and banana Plantation.

- 5 hectares dedicated to pork cattle raising, poultry and organic market gardening project; including the cassava flour factory, storage warehouses, offices, refectories and workers dormitories.

- Installing a biogas plant production with a biogas electrical generator by recycling the project produced wastes to biogas to supply energy for the farm activities (cassava flour factory, poultry, offices).

This project is giving a focus to cassava croplands, poultry and pork breeding products as key commodities to fulfil local security needs.

Progressively, we will introduce pork breeding (2020) and poultry (2021) with 8000 chickens dedicated to eggs production and 8000 chickens to grow for meat.

After 2024, we are targeting to produce cassava at a level 1000 tons yearly. This perspective may involve further Capex investment for a proper cassava dryer.

Accordingly, all the produced wastes and produced excrements will help to produce biogas as raw material. We aim at producing 1000 m3 of biogas with 4 power generators of 10 KVA to provide electrical power.

For now, the company’s production focuses on planting cassava with the support of workers from the local community who are paid with respect to the local labour law. The company also joined the Ministry of agriculture network for technical assistance to launch the planting activities.

Starting from 2024, the company aims to grow its cassava land crops up to 50 hectares and increase its cassava production (Central African market).

Therefore, Zoe Multiservice SA will set up a cassava commodity selling network in local market places for food commodities in Brazzaville, Ouesso and Pointe-Noire. 

As such, Zoe Multiservice SA aims at contributing to fulfil food security needs for the Congolese population; thereby enforcing the country’s development. 

The company will seek for US$ 1 941 110.82 to initiate the project. During 10 years, we should cumulate a positive net income of US$ 4 994 568.01 with 2594 to be created job opportunities over 10 years.

The major demand of cassava comes from the local population in urban areas (Ouesso, Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire) and the neighbouring country, Gabon, as the plantations are located in the border between Congo and Gabon. Also, Kinshasa, the capital of DRC counts a population which is almost four time the population of the overall Congo Brazzaville as a country. Therefore, cassava and protein-based foods (poultry and pork breeding products) needs are constant despite the country’s local production from the western part and Equateur. This fact also applies to its derived manufactured products (cassava flour).

The plantation is located near a tropical forest that need to be protected from any chemical use and timber logging. The company decided to keep the existing trees in the concession. We have developed an inventory of those trees and they have been geo-localised in the concession through GIS (in the owned 25 hectares). The concession currently counts:

  • 1 Bose Clair tree;
  • 3 Sipos trees,
  • 12 Sapele trees.

We aim at recycling produced vegetable, cassava manufacturing and converting waste to biogas to produce electricity with a 100 KVA generator and produce local compost to constantly nurture the soil for organic gardening market development. We will optimize all vegetable or organic produced waste (from pork farming, poultry, vegetable, surrounding biomass) as biogas plant raw material to produce the necessary energy needed for electricity and cooking in the farm.

Concretely, this project will generate added value locally through jobs creation among local communities. Secondly, the company, as a Congolese body, will reduce Cameroonian commodities monopoly in Congo; thereby contributing to food security for the population of Congo. Above all, 2594 jobs will be created and the project would generate wealth and welfare around Sembe and Northern Congo.


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