Instructorhub Driving School Comparison Site

Instructorhub Driving School Comparison Site

InstructorHub is an entirely new concept to the driving industry that will revolutionise the way young adults search for driving schools.

We did it!

On 31st Mar 2016 we successfully raised £750 with 11 supporters in 28 days


Formally the Learners London Project

Choosing a driving school is time-consuming and hard work. This is because over 7000 driving schools to choose from in London alone. InstructorHub aims to solve this problem by developing a driving school comparison website, allowing you to compare the driving schools and instructors in your local area based on the details provided allowing prospective learners to find an instructor that best caters to their requirements.


Presently, prospective drivers are unable to take full advantage of the internet to find the best driving instructor for them.  Also, outside of joining large driving schools, independent driving instructors struggle to obtain clients as they have limited access to capital for marketing and customer acquisition. The InstructorHub project aims to solve this issue through the construction of a platform to help prospective learners in  find a driving instructor that best suits their requirements



Why Crowdfunding?

An initial crowdfunding campaign will not only help to develop the beta website but will also build evidence of that potential end users have a genuine interest in using the website to find their future instructor.




Isn't there a service like this available in the UK market already?

• Sure, there are comparison tools on the market to find the cheapest car insurance and some other driving-related services. However at this moment in time, there are no means for comparing individual driving schools to find the most suitable instructor.


Have you any experience in developing software applications?

• Nope!  My role in the development process of 'InstructorHub' is the business and creative management role and as such I am defining what the website will do and look alike. The technical development and the end design will be completed by experienced professionals contracted.


What will the funding be used for, specifically?

• The gross funding target is set to £2000, whereas roughly 10% goes to as well as to payment fees for using Stripe and GoCardless.  The net project target is  £1,800 which will be used to fund the initial development costs.  The funding goal will allow for the initial development of a limited pilot version.


How will you get paid for your time during the development?

• I will not get paid during the development phase.


What happens after the Pilot Project is completed?

• Firstly, we will celebrate, and you will receive your reward!

• Secondly, the purpose of the pilot project is to develop a limited edition of the software application which can be presented to equity investors, and subsequently, also demonstrate that it is worth further development and investment.

• Lastly, after additional investment has been obtained, development and marketing of the final version will start.

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