Institutional Slave Labour Trade

by Me Myself in Richmond, England, United Kingdom

Institutional Slave Labour Trade
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Make the Establishment accountable for their abuse of Human Rights and involvement in what appears to be Human Trafficking

by Me Myself in Richmond, England, United Kingdom

That is what appears to be the case: 

the DWP and MAXIMUS UK are jointly involved in, under a cover of so-called Work Programme, in Human Trafficking and Corporate Slave Labour Trade.

After realising that I and my partner are victims of such and after being constantly harassed, blackmailed and a subject of derogatory treatment by the DWP, I have personally decided to do something about it. 

Of course, I've tried all the avenues available under so-called Democracy but all my attempts to reason with the authorities have resulted in repeated mental injury and after I did find out that all so-called support systems are just an illusion... 

As a matter of principle, I have decided not to take this institutional human rights abuse any longer and I did say to my self:

"The die has been cast."

That's what Julius Caesar said as he stepped across the River Rubicon.

He had been told to stay out of Italy. 

But (just like me), he couldn't resist disobeying orders.

I will be looking forward to making sure that both of them are held accountable for 

The breach ofHuman Rights Act,

Human Trafficking and 

the breach of Modern Slavery Act 

Personally, do suspect that every establishment such as the British one, has deliberately left some exit clause so they themselves can get away with it, in the same principles they did when it comes to tax evasion.

So far I have established that the DWP is misusing their powers under the Work Programme to effectively breach the articles 3, 4, 9, 10, 14 of the Human Rights Act 1998

They are jointly involved with MAXIMUS UK in an act of Human Trafficking and as result in the breach of Modern Slavery Act 2015.

And that in such process have effectively used brainwashing techniques as defined by psychologist Robert Jay Lifton

which closely resemble the same techniques used by those grooming gangs, with a difference that the both involved use it for the purposes of Human Trafficking and Corporate Slavery.

Having trouble resolving these matters through "official channel", I have concluded that the whole notion of Democracy and Human Rights within the UK is just one big deception, illusion and a fairy tale.

The only thing left for me is to establish if that is the same case with the Justice System as well.

I am quite looking forward to finding if this is the case or not.

Why I believe it is institutional and why I am raising doubts in the whole Establishment?

As a victim of so-called "Work Programme," I had a chance to see it for myself, my requests for the answers relating to my doubts have been constantly ignored while getting the same typical corporate BS nonsense as an answer to my specific questions.

Every attempt to raise the issue with those who are supposed to assist people like me, such as my local MP Zac Goldsmith ( who did vote for a supply of free labour to their corporate associates )

We have DWP involved and we have Multinational Corporation involved and as it appears that they both employ the same reasoning and attitude towards unemployed and people they are given control over.

Another interesting thing about MAXIMUS is this "coincidence" involving two senior managers:

Marco Pierleoni

UK President, MAXIMUS

Ex-Director General Finance for the Ministry of Justice


Robert Spread, 

Programme Director, MAXIMUS UK

Ex G4S 


Well, as far as I am concerned, when it comes to the Multinational Corporations and their contracts with the Establishment, I doubt it.

You decide for yourselves

Now, I suspect most of you think that you do believe in individual freedoms, liberties and human rights but when it comes to showing your commitment you often look the other way

So, are you really committed or just interested is another question.

Therefore I am just trying to find out.

If you are committed. Then contribute and pass the message on and prove it to yourself that you really are.

If not, then do what you have always done: go on amuse yourselves with irrelevant thing such as what Kardashians are doing this week and how to bake a perfect cake.

While trying to impress your associates with a fake illusion of self-importance and your own ego.

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