Help CIC Instinctively Wild buy a Nordic tipi!

Help CIC Instinctively Wild buy a Nordic tipi!

We provide life-changing outdoor programmes for all ages. Your funding will let us buy a Nordic tipi tent and reach out to even more people

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This project will only be funded if at least £4,000 is pledged by 2:54pm 21st August 2018

This project will only be funded if at least £4,000 is pledged by 2:54pm 21st August 2018

Who are we?

Hello! We're Instinctively Wild - fabulous social enterprise and community interest company. We reconnect people of all ages with themselves and others through nature.

For example...

Our long series of highly successful outdoor programmes for those with dementia continues: we are delighted this year to have received funding that will allow us to continue to offer our programme for at least a further two years.

"An extraordinary social enterprise" 

Dementia Occupational Therapist, Borders NHS

Through our 8- to 12-week projects, we also work with adults who access mental health services. We work with youngsters and their carers in areas of social deprivation to give them opportunities to bond and learn new skills. We work with schools to deliver outdoor projects. We run summer projects for teens and a wonderful volunteer training programme

We help build resilience, self-confidence and a real sense of achievement. At Instinctively Wild, we are also providers of the John Muir Award

And so much more. 

So... why would we like a Nordic tipi and stove?

Each of our programmes takes place outdoors, whatever the time of year. Being outdoors is the essence of what we do. With your help to buy a tipi, we can take things to the next level.

"A Nordic tipi and stove will be the icing on the cake. Or should that be 'the marshmallow on the smore'?"

A Nordic tipi and stove will help us to give participants the best possible experience. The heart of our base camp with guaranteed warmth and shelter from the rain or sun. All while retaining a real sense of life outdoors and helping us continue to 'leave no trace'.

It will be an easy walk to carry the Tentipi and stove from van to woodland site, however rough the track. We'll be able to erect it within minutes, then shortly afterwards have the stove fired up. It will save us time and give us a more consistent base than ever. 

A special, life-enhancing, thoroughly sheltered, guaranteed weather-proof space for everyone - participants, leaders and volunteers. We will be able to use it for years to come.

"Just sitting together around the fire is a highlight for many people. The chance to share together, without judgement, is an amazing experience for those who have been labelled with a disease or disorder. It's a chance to be a human being and connect with others in a very direct way." 

Pete Carthy, Founder, Instinctively Wild

Each day on site, we create a warm, homely area. The 'heart' of our project. Somewhere to sit quietly among the trees, have a cuppa, or tell a story. We put up tarpaulines if there's likely to be rain, and we always keep a beautiful fire going (using our inner Bear Grylls) - then take it all away at the end of each day so as to 'leave no trace'.  

But even we admit that sometimes - whatever the season - the Scottish weather can be a little challenging!

Why is your target £4,000?

This is based on the titpi model that will best suit our needs and a stove to go with it, with some cool tipi equipment. 


Why a Nordic tipi?

Because as far as we know, this is absolutely the best design! In terms of design, practicality and quality. We want it to be reliable and to last us for many years and many more projects to come. 

How many will you be able to fit inside?

Up to 35 folk can sit down inside. Wow! Many more than we have on our projects at one go - but that will give us lots of safe wriggle room and space for activities. 

If you would like to know more...

Please send us a message, using the button below. We would love to hear from you.

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