Instaswing Swinging/Adult/Dating site

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

'The Lifestyle' as it's sometimes referred to, isn't for everyone but it's certainly for a lot of you! Not everyone wants to be in a relationship, for many different reasons. 

The line between 'Dating' websites and 'Adult' websites has become blurred. How do I know this? I was a single girl who thought I'd give online dating a try and found that most of the people I connected with were actually looking for 'NSA' fun, rather than the regular definition of a 'Date'.

Surely there had to be sites set up specifically for Adults NOT looking to become romantically involved? My background is in Digital Marketing and I decided to research what kind of traffic Swinging websites receive, what kind of user experience I'd have and what options were available.

The most popular Swinging site in the UK receives around 1.6 million visitors per month . . . . this figure in itself proves there's a huge interest in this scene!

When 'Swinging' comes to mind, most people think of couples but nowadays, things are different. You'll find Couples, Singles, Straight, Gay, Bi, Transexual, Transgender . . all looking to connect with other like minded people. There's a huge Swinging Community who, currently, have to make use of very dated websites. 

I want to offer something different to the Adult scene, something more user friendly and interactive. 

Safety will be paramount on Instaswing. It can be a very daunting experience, arranging to meet someone for the first time, or attending a Swingers party. Everyone will have heard stories about Fake profiles or members being 'Catfished'. I've been blogging for the past 6 months about my experiences (good and bad!) in the hope that my posts will become part of a 'Do's and Don't' page where newcomers to 'The Lifestyle' can have a read through and approach the Adult scene in as safe a way as possible. 

The purpose of my Crowdfunding Project is to generate funds to:

  • Purchase a high end dating platform
  • Digitally market the Site through SEO & feeder sites
  • Promote the site by attending various Adult events throughout the UK
  • Produce marketing material which can be distributed to the 100+ Swingers clubs throughout the UK

I've bought the domain names, designed the logo, now I need your help to fund this idea!

Thank you all in advance!!!