Social enterprise bringing local brand identity to high street chains through PR/social media contracts for young people needing a hand up.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Ever been homeless? Ever been unemployed? Ever been without hope? 

The social enterprise charitable initiative of urbanRosePR© , fundraising now for 2-3 years to see young people get into social media internships with multinational companies by bringing local brand identity to high street chains through a training academy, followed by a Dragon's Den style pitches to secure these  contracts and then personal sales as well as in-branch work.

Why? What's the problem?

The devil makes work for idle thumbs. That and the fact there are plenty of youth who are experiencing unemployment. Bags of energy, creativity and talent, yet no jobs.

The other problem?

Multinational global chains taking over our quaint British high streets with impersonal branding.

Combine the solutions for both and what do you get?  instaGacademy.

Solutions Combined

instaGacademy is a completely unique initiative designed to get young people trained and out of unemployment or homelessness and into full time social media managing contracts, bringing a local identity to high street brands in their area.


After an initial 3-4 days of training in the academy, with a tried and tested PR/social media curriculum and helpful, fun mentors, the YPOiG will deliver 2-3 pitches for a contract with a high street brand.

They'll then spend 6-9 months working inhouse, establishing a local identity for this large store and growing the social media presence in branding consistency, local promotions and other recognised SOCIAL MEDIA & MARKETING strategies for building the personality of a local branch, and thus the YPOIG's marketing portfolio of real skills and tangible results.

How will your support be used

This is phase i. Get regsitered, fundraise,  establish  social media consistency and propel forward for key stakeholder meetings and contracts as well as funding other fundraising /publicity initiatives. 

The pilot of a sample of 10-12 YPOIGs will happen in October, with phase ii starting in 2017, scaling up numbers and fundraising.  The software to be developed for YPOIGs to keep in track of the scaleable improvement they're making to their companies and keep track of their personal sales figures.

Pledge 1

850 will pay for all the transport and accommodation to the large company stakeholder meetings to ensure those high street brands are on board

Pledge 2

650 will pay for the labour and materials to produce visually excellent curriculum materials with top designers

Pledge 3

3000 will get the data analytics software written for YPOIG accounts

Pledge 4

350 will hire the first venue for the trial of the phase I instaGacademy

Pledge 5

250 will pay for the refreshements, graduation ceremony and Dragon's Den hosting of phase i.

Pledge 6

400 will pay a contribution towards volunteers' costs for initial voluntary mentors


the project in a nutshell! A successful phase I is essential to getting the ball rolling...please give generously 

with thanks to Tomiris for the graphic supplied