'Inspiring Human Potential' Awards Event

To raise funds to deliver an Awards Event in Penzance celebrating the efforts of 130 people who give service to help others live a good life

We did it!

On 17th Sep 2014 we successfully raised £1,185 of £1,000 target with 30 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

The project overall really needs to gain at least £3000 which is £20 for every person attending to cover the lunch and £200 for Awards resources. The additional money over and above the crowdfunder project is to be made up from other contributions such as the Skydive sponsorship. If we exceed the target of £1000 this would be fantastic news because this will mean less strain on sponsorship funds.

Additional money will be used to invest in a new community networking site for 'Lifestyle Shapers' who are inspiring people to achieve human potential and live a good life.


I need the help of the crowd to raise funds to deliver an Awards Event in Penzance, celebrating the efforts of 130 people who give service to help others live a good life.


It's All Happening in Penzance

Entrance to the Queens Hotel

The Queens Hotel, Penzance is the venue for a very special Awards event taking place on 14th September 2014. The first annual awards for 'Inspiring Human Potential' will be given to over 100 people from across West Cornwall who provide a service to others to help them live a good life. The nominees for the Award are people who have passion, purpose and dedication to make a difference. This event wants to reward them so that they are valued, appreciated and recognised for their wonderful efforts. It is also an opportunity for them to meet like-minded folk in their community and rejoice in their success.


How The Idea Started

I have been a lifestyle teacher in the broadest sense for the past 28 years and have had the privilege of training thousands of young people and adults towards living a good life through careers in youth work, counselling, coaching, facilitation and teaching. In the past seven years I have met some truly amazing people through my work in West Cornwall communities.

These individuals have come from all walks of life and I believe most have one thing in common. They share an inner desire to live a good life and not only that, they are motivated to help others to achieve their human potential. They are life's givers.

When I considered 'who' was recognising their extraordinary efforts, I was struck by the fact that many of them not only take themselves for granted but may be taken for granted by others. In that moment, I was inspired to create an Awards event to appreciate and honour their contribution to humanity. Through their skills, talents and abilities, many people are nurtured.

What Difference You Can Make Too

I have already started issuing invitations and this comment by June sums up what many people  are saying:

"Wow! Wow! How amazing. I'm lost for words. I would be honoured to accept. I don't think I've won an award for anything. Thank you so much." 

The reality is that many of the nominees are humble and modest people just like June, who carry out their daily activities without seeking recognition. However, it is nice to be thanked once in a while, don't you think?

To make this event possible, I need your help to pledge for one of the following rewards that I believe will also help you to achieve your potential. Please help fill these seats and support people to enjoy this occasion at this lovely local hotel.

How much will the event cost?

This Award event will cost approx £3000 and I am raising part funds through a sponsored Tandem Skydive on 29th August and selling books that I have published. The Crowdfunder is part of a three pronged approach to funding this project. It would be fantastic to reach and exceed the project aim of raising £1000 as the event will cost significantly more than this and the other sources of funding are equally unpredictable in their success.

What are the costs?

The cost per head for lunch for each person is approximately £20. The cost of producing certificates etc for people is £2 per person. There will be it is hoped 100 people receiving Awards on the day and some guests which will bring the total to 130. All the money will be allocated to the event expenses.

What are the benefits?

There will be long term benefits to the community through sharing news, views, making connections and collaborating for the future. This really is an extraordinary event and I hope one that will be delivered annually to celebrate 'inspiring human potential'.

The Venue

The Queens Hotel, Penzance is the venue for a very special Awards event taking place on 14th September 2014. With unrivalled views across Mount’s Bay, The Queens Hotel has been welcoming visitors to the far west of Cornwall since 1862.




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