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Our mission is to expand the scope of poetry and readership of children and young people across the UK.

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Our mission is to expand the scope of poetry and readership of children and young people across the UK.  We currently offer inspiring reads and educational resources that can be utilized by children, young people, educational practitioners and educational establishments alike.  A number of resources comprise poetry that has been combined with music and visual pictures, which further helps to reinforce educational concepts for the learner.

We aim to connect with the education industry to carry out poetry workshops and assemblies in schools in the West Midlands and beyond.  The government as well as various establishments are continually undertaking action plans in order to encourage general reading amongst young people as well as reading for pleasure.  There are currently thousands of schools across Britain in both the primary and secondary sector, including the wide range of practitioners, teachers and organisations that help to regulate schools.  We have already carried out poetry assemblies in the West Midlands, of which the feedback has been positive, with pupils and teachers alike equally inspired.

We are periodically conducting research in order to establish current trends and topics within the educational industry that bear relation to the work we are undertaking.  There is a current aim within many schools to encourage the reading for pleasure as well as enhancing peer perspectives of the reader.  During the school holidays there are a number of libraries that offer rewards and prizes for books that are read and reviewed over a specific period, yet during term time there is so much that can be achieved collectively.  Furthermore there have been televised news reports that have reinforced the idea that many young people are tending to spend considerable time doing leisurely activities, such as watcing television, playing computer games and less time reading or partaking in extra-curricular activities.  Such concepts are directly related to a number of books that we currently have available in which we aim to create further change within the community.

Our current range of books are available globally to customers via the Amazon website and other applicable channels.  Our current range of online resources are additionally available via the TES website, in which educational practitioners have been purchasing and downloading our resources from the outset of its creation, to use within the community.

This project additionally comprises:

  • Poetry workshops and assemblies in schools
  • School library author visits
  • Our books donated to schools across the UK
  • Networking events/exhibitions
  • Live poetry readings
  • Poetry events/festivals
  • Literary days including National Poetry Day; World Book Day

Individually an organisation can accomplish worthwhile endeavours, yet collectively with the collaboration of other key individuals and organisations alike, much greater aspirations can be realised.

Thank you!!!

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