Inspired by Manu Riga

by Twisty in Birmingham, West Midlands, England

Inspired by Manu Riga


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A group of artist are collaborating together to produce a special album to raise money as a christmas gift for a close friend Manu Riga.

by Twisty in Birmingham, West Midlands, England

Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time. We are using this powerful medium to connect artists from across the globe and unify this energy into a good cause.

Over 12 months ago, a close friend and talented artist, Manu Riga has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer. Fighting a terminal disease while keeping a sustainable income that can support a family is a challege, with the aim to ease this issues, a group of artists that have been inspired and worked with Manu Riga through their career, have got together to put an album with the aim to raise money and make Manu's and his family's Christmas a special one. 

On Christmas day, all the donations from the this campaign will be sent to Adriaan's (Manu Riga's real name) account together with all the tracks so he will be able to release this on his record label, VESTA Records so that this gift of music will keep on giving.

As a contributor to this campaing, you will also get a copy of tracks that will make this Inspired Album. 

The album is sponsored by Conjured Records, Bc2, Blanc Stone Digital, Droid9, Morninglory Music, Findike Records, Inception, AH Digital, Robot Groove Music, if anyone other label would like to sponser this great cause then that would be fantastic. ❤️

The tracks on this album will be produced by Enertia-Sound, Lar3n, Christian Monique, Findike, Ultraverse, OrgaNik, Daniel Glover, Goda Brother, Guen B, Nightbob, Andy Leavy, Morninglory, Division One, Following Light, Rudy Crystal, Nigel-C, Djonah Laforge, Veliades, Matias Carafa, Christopher Hermann, Jesper Mauerhoff, Nerutto, Ad:Mark & Veliades, Facto, Kevin Vega & Hypnotised, No One Name, Dylan Deck & Noiyse project, John D, Quantus, Jayson Butera.

All tracks mastered by Nightbob. 

Let's make 'Inspired by Manu Riga' happen