(In)Space Offline Exhibition

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(In)Space Offline Exhibition
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(In)Space Offline is an exhibition that represents a diverse group of young, black British, male creatives through a range of art.

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My name is Kwame and I am the creator of (In)Space. It was launched on 1 March 2018 as a place for young, black men to express themselves creatively as individuals.

(In)Space came from a very personal frustration.

At the end of 2016, I was watching a Belgian film called Noir, which contains a graphic gang rape scene perpetrated by a group of black men. It was the final straw for me, in that I was no longer prepared to accept seeing black males being portrayed so untruthfully. I became determined to challenge the prevailing narratives.

Black men, especially younger black men in the UK, are often negatively stereotyped and it has a real impact on mental health, with black men being the demographic most likely to experience depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders, and to be hospitalised for those conditions in the UK.

Through the medium of art, I want to shatter the illusion that there is one kind of black male in the UK and to highlight how diverse our backgrounds and experiences are. (In)space promotes collaboration on the understanding that we can achieve more together than alone –  especially with such an array of voices.

The money raised through this crowdfunder will be put towards the cost of the premier of the InSpace Offline exhibition at SKFEST on 23rd August 2018, involving printing and marketing costs. This exhibition, as well as the exhibitions archived online, can go some way in countering negative stereotypes and helping kickstart the careers of a group of very talented young artists, who feel as if opportunities for them to do what they really want are limited.

Please visit our site at www.creativesinspace.com

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