Inspace Technology aims to re-design and innovate the technology that influences our lives every day.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Inspace Technology aims to re-design and innovate the technology that influences our lives every day, enabling the user to concentrate on what really matters. This is done by developing "intelligent home appliances" that can look after themselves and require a minimum amount of user input. As well as this we aim to develop a smart home automation system called Darcey, that will assist in the control and synchronisation of our smart appliances. There will still be an app available to download to control the devices, but it will offer more flexibility and control from away from home than before possible.

We will develop and produce these devices, and then sell them to customers with a tailored fitting service, where we will go out to the customers’ homes and fit the devices to their home and teach them to use it. The service will start with the customer enquiring in which we will arrange for an advisor to visit there home, discuss and demonstrate our devices, and then provide a fitting service to their specifications. We also aim to partner with home developers to have our systems fitted as standard. We will also stand out from the crowd because we aim to have a line of products to fit to homes with lower incomes, as to have our products in more homes and some businesses than the current market leader.

Manufacturing of the products will be green, using recycled materials wherever possible, and keeping all the bulk manufacturing in house, outsourcing only for raw materials and parts. We also aim to be a carbon neutral company, by being powered by green energy, and having some of our products self-sufficient, not requiring any sort of external power to operate

We need this funding to cover startup costs and buying the machines we need, like 3D printers, component and pcb making machines. as well as the IMacs to go with it. as well as this there will also be advertising.