Insight PR & Media & The #WeGetThat Campaign

by Katherine Bernice Morley in Renishaw, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 2nd April 2020 we successfully raised £5,070 with 85 supporters in 42 days

To launch the #WeGetThat Campaign & offer home-based creative employment roles/support to people who struggle with mental health issues.

by Katherine Bernice Morley in Renishaw, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we reach our target, our next aim would to be to host an unforgettable charity event!

My name is Katherine and I'm the Director of Insight PR & Media. I'm a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Master of Arts in International Journalism & Sheffield Hallam's Star Student Journalism Award Winner 2017. 

Here I am with that award!

Everything above is great. But life being life, there are a few bits before, during and after missing from the story.

I have struggled with my mental health for as long as I can remember, due to terrible things that occurred in my life that were completely out of my control. It was is tough. 

I was too skinny, withdrawn from the world and just generally bitter about everything that had happened to me. 

Despite having a degree and being named an award-winning student journalist, I had no confidence and quite frankly, no drive to succeed. 

My depression was so deeply embedded, I literally couldn't see a meaningful or happy future.

Thankfully, that changed. Thanks to the support of my family, friends and amazing partner David, I managed to complete my Masters Degree, then work towards building a business and a career that worked for me. 

I have built Insight PR & Media on the basis of being the best I can be as a professional and it has completely improved my quality of life; especially my mental health. 

So, I hear you ask: what is it that I actually do?

Well, Insight PR & Media offers an array of creative services such as:

  • Communication Strategies
  • Public Relations Management
  • Photography
  • Social Media Management
  • Videography
  • Web Design

These are all skills I learnt during my time at Sheffield Hallam University, which are completely relevant to the current way of life. Everyone has a smartphone. Every business needs a website. Everyone loves a good visual post on social media. 

This leads me to my next point; what I would do if you lovely people decided to pledge or donate to my business!

The funding for my business could help in the following ways:

1. Work towards supporting individuals with mental health problems by providing them with paid work that can be completed in their safe home space.

The reality is, not everybody can conform to the 9-5 expectancy. I even recall working various part-time roles as a student, being so anxious and not feeling confident to continue. 

Employers are getting better at understanding, but I already understand and I want to remind people - who remind me of my past self - that there is a light and you can be successful by taking one comfortable step at a time.  

The funding would help me to fund my campaign #WeGetThat, which would include formulating an innovative plan to get individuals in creative roles by starting with basic tasks, with the aim of their confidence growing and them being able to tackle more challenging roles. 

This would take a lot of planning and resources, such as advanced software, so funding would be a dream come true in this instance. 

2. Supporting a number of charities by offering our services at low cost/no charge.

Alongside my #WeGetThat Campaign and working towards running a successful business, my aim is to be able to give back to the charities and organisations that have helped me achieved my goals and put me on such a positive path.

This could be a photo shoot, a campaign or a sparkling new website!

3. Getting the word out about my business and the #WeGetThat Campaign.

Finally, the funding that I receive would help towards developing a sophisticated advertising strategy to spread the word about Insight PR & Media, our values and our campaign to help others. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my campaign. Not only will your pledges continue to enhance my own personal mental health and the business itself, it will also give others the opportunity to see a bright and meaningful future.

Katherine Morley

Director of Insight PR & Media


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£15 or more

A #WeGetThat Campaign Mug!

If you pledge £15, we'll send you a #WeGetThat Campaign Mug! We'd love for you to take a quick snap for social media to spread the word!

£3 or more

A Massive Thank You, A Shout Out & Regular Updates

If you are awesome enough to pledge £3 towards this project, I will send you email updates to keep you in the loop of what your donation is contributing towards. We'll also add you to the contributors list on our socials and website!

£5 or more

A #WeGetThatCampaign Keyring!

We'll send you a #WeGetThat Campaign keyring as a thank you!

£20 or more

A #WeGetThat Campaign Tote Bag!

If you pledge £20, we'd send you a handy little tote bag which will also help to spread the word about our campaign!

£45 or more

Manicure at Charlotte Catherine Beauty & Lifestyle

If you pledge £45, our friends at Charlotte Catherine - based on the same estate as Insight PR & Media and Renishaw Hall & Gardens - will give you a glorious manicure treatment!

£50 or more

Visit To Renishaw Hall & Gardens & £5 Cafe Voucher

If you pledge £50, you be supporting my dream of running a successful and meaningful business. As a special thank you, I will give you a complementary ticket to visit the beautiful Renishaw Hall & Gardens in North East Derbyshire- located on the same Estate as Insight PR & Media. This reward would also come with a £5 cafe voucher!

£80 or more

A Fascinating Hall Tour & £10 Cafe Voucher

The reward for an £80 pledge is a ticket to Renishaw Hall & Gardens in North-East Derbyshire, which is located on the same Estate as Insight PR & Media. This reward includes a Guided Hall Tour to discover the fascinating story of the Sitwell Family! A £10 Cafe Voucher towards a delicious lunch or sweet treat.

£100 or more

A Professional Logo Design

Does your business need a little branding help? If you pledge £100 to my project, I will design you a professional logo to enhance your brand!

£300 or more

A Video Advertisement For Your Business

If you pledge £300 to my project, I will offer you a 1 hour videography slot and create a video advert for your business!

£500 or more

A Bespoke Website Design For Your Business

If you pledge £500, I will build you a five-paged professional website!

£1,500 or more

The Insight PR & Media Start Up Package

Do you have a business idea but need help to inspire your vision? If you pledge £1,500, I will provide you will the following: A five-paged website for your business, a professional logo design, a stellar communications strategy and social media management for three months!

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