InsideUni Crowdfunder 2021

by InsideUni in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 2nd September 2021 we successfully raised £7,576 with 35 supporters in 35 days

We are on a mission to provide the free and trustworthy application advice we wish we’d had when we were applying.

by InsideUni in London, England, United Kingdom

1626968513_217080454_961653891302484_3046373884974969858_n.pngThe Problem

Application processes are not a level playing field.

Privileged applicants apply with extensive guidance from knowledgable teachers, parents, and peers. They have access to insider information which acts as cheat codes to accessing elite universities, corporate firms, creative industries and postgraduate courses.

Everyone else misses out, often relying on online rumours and guesswork.

InsideUni's Solution

As students, we have taken matters into our own hands. 

At InsideUni, we are on a mission to provide the free and trustworthy application advice we wish we’d had when we were applying.

1627501980_225358238_217530626970181_8454797626237055524_n.pngSince 2018, we've grown to a community of 3,000 student contributors whose content has been used 500,000 times by 50,000 users in 150 countries around the world.

Our content is constantly updated by hundreds of new student contributors who join each year, and our team of 43 student volunteers run our work on campuses (including moderating this content to ensure it’s accurate and helpful - not a confusing online chat board!)

We've even been featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph and Varsity, among others!1626970642_6._cambridge_editing_event.jpg


What's next?

So far we’ve trialled the project across Oxford and Cambridge, but the doors of Oxbridge aren’t the only ones locked by information keys.

Having demonstrated how successful crowdsourcing insider information can be for the Oxford and Cambridge undergraduate application process, we are preparing to expand our project nationally to other opportunities suffering from the same information gap: postgraduate courses, undergraduate courses with extra processes (e.g. medicine) and internships/jobs

As a fully online, crowdsourced project, our vision is a scalable and reliable approach to access: ‘insider access for everyone.’

We’re not experts in everything. That’s why we’ll be partnering with insiders across a range of nationwide areas and industries to ensure processes are demystified and applicants are better informed.

We aim to drive a sustained transformation in accessing information, led by students across the country. 

But we need a boost to get there.


1627502032_225399794_1258315647920262_6783043031710453342_n.pngHelp us today!

By donating as little as £5, you’ll be part of a revolution in accessing information!

With your help, we can make trustworthy information free for thousands of students.

Check out our great rewards in the Rewards section (and there's even a free entry route for the Prize Draw - all you have to do is share one of our crowdfunder social media posts with the hashtag #insideunicrowdfunder2021 and you'll be entered in). 

Join our non-profit, student-led mission to give insider access to everyone.


Additional Information on Rewards

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