Innuendo Bingo #SaveOurScene

by Rachel Watson in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Innuendo Bingo #SaveOurScene
We did it
On 21st September 2020 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporters in 28 days

Let's have a laugh whilst also raising £200 to go towards the crowdfunder to save Bridge Street Social Club, Underground Club and Unit 51.

Independent Aberdeen hospitality businesses are suffering and on the brink of closure due to the pandemic. Nox, unfortunately, is an example of one such business that has not survived, having shut a few days ago.

Bridge Street Social Club, Underground Club and Unit 51 are three examples of Aberdeen venues that are also suffering and are prone to closure.
Bridge Street Social Club is an alternative style bar/restaurant that provides live music and a place to view sport less likely to be shown elsewhere in Aberdeen. Always seeing new faces but also frequented by a diverse community, it has unique cocktails, staff and night-life.
Underground Club is one of the few student late-night venues left in Aberdeen. If the numbers of student-based drinking venues continue to decrease, this could negatively impact Aberdeen's ability to compete and attract prospective students relative to other leading Scottish University cities. From Paramore to Abba, this venue will get you up and dancing, and making new friends.
Unit 51 is a 4-year-old multipurpose events space and the youngest of the venues. It has had acts such as The Killers Tribute Band and Danny Howard. It is loved by a variety of ages and a lot of love has been built into it.

This fundraising event is based on Radio 1's Innuendo Bingo. 2 contenders will try to keep water in their mouths as audio clips of youtube videos, news and tv shows play and accidentally sound rude. The winner is the individual that has outlasted the most clips. The event will take place on Facebook live at 8 o'clock this Sunday (the 30th), shown on this page.

Whether you were thinking about buying a few tinnies from the shops or have a spare £2, please consider spending that money on keeping these 3 venues open as they mean a lot to a lot of people and are part of Aberdeen's identity. Every small contribution can make a big difference at the end of the day. Your donation may make the difference whether the establishments stay open or not. Let's not let Aberdeen's late-night social scene get that bit smaller. Please donate via the link attached.

Thank you :) 

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