Innovative Products Worldwide

Innovative Products Worldwide

The main idea is to do an e-plateform to promote and distribute innovative creators products and/or services for anyone in the world.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am expecting to start a business and I will need to employ people from early stages. Specially a web programmer that I am in contact with, having very good records in famous e-market platforms and advising me. I already bought the domain and protected the brand as a Trademark. But I need financing to get a full functionable website and enough funds to pay the selected trusted providers to arrange the first products online as well as hiring someone to promote daily via social media the innovatives products for a fair price. I am the one preparing the listing of the products, the description in agreement with the innovators, taking care of the stock, pricing, budget, and the logistics.

The main idea is to give the possibility for anyone in the world to have access to products from creators for a fair price online via a protected website (especially for payments), with free shipping worlwide. Innovative products that we are unable to find in any physical shop.

According to the last marketing studies, we know that a new wave of people like to surf on internet and to purchase "special products" but at a decent price. Something new, at a fair price. My project is built all around those last studies to offer that service worlwide. 

I am a hard worker and I believe in my project. But for that I need to hire people, to allow that project to reach the success I foreseeing.

Thank you all for your help!