Innovative healthy organic drink

by Benjamin Agboli in Walton On Thames, England, United Kingdom

Innovative healthy organic drink


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by Benjamin Agboli in Walton On Thames, England, United Kingdom

My name is Benjamin Agboli. I immigrated to UK 25 years ago from Togo.

After extensive postgraduate studies, I become holder of Masters degrees and Postgraduate Qualifications.

I have worked for GlaxoSmithKline and Itochu Corporation for few years.

In 2011 I founded Willimott House Ltd. Willimott House is an independent bottler of Scotch Whisky. I have developed my own brands of Scotch whiskies which have been exported to many countries.

But I always felt that I have not gained momentum of my success and I must do something that could help me to contribute to children poverty relief in continent where I originally come from, Africa. I also felt that even if I managed to achieve this goal of children poverty relief, it still not good enough and why? The problem is that my continent is crippled with obesity, unhealthy soft drinks drinking, of which many people are dying from heart related problems, hypertension etc.

So in 2016, with my wife support who is the co-founder, we embarked upon research in some selective countries.

We discovered that in order to contribute to this alarming health problems, there is need to introduce completely new soft drink into Africa markets. This new drink must have no added sugar, no additives, no preservatives, no colorants and no artificial substances.

After we returned to London, we pursued our research this time to find the type of product or drink which can make the difference and after few months of hard works, we found the right product we were looking for.

While the product already exist in European markets, it needs to be innovated to comply with tropical climate, and also to have all healthy attributes named earlier.

Furthermore, we also discovered that the organic version of the drink we are looking  for does not exist in European markets, so a further opportunity has come to light.

We have worked hard and succeeded to create both products, conventional and organic both of which could be commercialised in Europe as well as in Africa. The brand was created and registered with UKIPO.

In order not to forget one principal part of our philosophy, we decided that for any future bottle sold, a pence will be donated to children poverty relief in Africa.

Unfortunately, in order to launch these two remarkable and innovative products, we need money.

The money raise will be used for the products development, marketing, sales and recruitment.

This project is vital since for each pound of good sold,  1% will be donated to children poverty relief in Africa. Furthermore, the success of this project will generate employments in Africa, India and South Africa where the raw materials will be sourced from for the production of the drinks. 

 For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me by email at: 

Let's make 'Innovative healthy organic drink' happen