Inner Peace Pop-up Cafes - Mental Health Friendly

by Joshua Bradwell in Burton On Trent, England, United Kingdom

Inner Peace Pop-up Cafes - Mental Health Friendly
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To offer an alternative for people seeking support with mental health, to reduce suffering and save lives. A place which is safe and calming

by Joshua Bradwell in Burton On Trent, England, United Kingdom

/When my anxiety and depression stuck,I never benefited from all clinical procedures for mental health nor did I tick all of the boxes . CBT did not help me , it’s not always one box which fits all.

In late 2019 I decided that after experiencing a tough time with my mental health again, I would offer an alternative for anyone seeking a form of self-help or peer support with their mental wellbeing.

Out of my own pocket I rented community and other business space to host my pop-up cafes. I helped support over 100 people and looking at the bigger picture , that could of been 100 lives saved . The social impact was huge . I took into account the triggers of anxiety in normal cafes and abolish them to make my pop-up cafes friendly and calming .

 I wanted to incorporate the five senses within the cafes and I introduced features like water fountains, plants and sounds of nature. With me providing this made the cafes tranquil and calming. I tried to be inclusive as I could be offering tables where people could speak to likeminded others and tables where people could read a good book and enjoy a hot drink.

Early this year I registered as a not-for-profit organisation and have just recently applied to Companies  House to become a Community Interest Company (CIC) . My cafes were due to launch in March this year but due to the COVID-19 pandemic I was unable to start. Since the lockdown I have been working on my venture by networking, interviewing, writing policies , developing what I have to offer the public and looking at ways to operate safe

Now shops and restaurants are opening again I’m excited to get going and again ! But one thing has certainly changed ...and that is the increase of people experiencing what it is like to feel anxious and depressed for the very first time .

Anyway , the funding part.

I’m seeking funds to pay for rent at current and potential pop-up cafe venues , volunteer expenses, refreshments ,and resources.

With the funds raised I can carry out what I strive to achieve which will lead to positive social change and the empowerment to encourage and educate people to live a positive life . Most importantly my venture helps me and my own personal experience is what motivates me the most .

I want to help as many people possible and to make my vision as reality , I know I can save lives and change the world !

Please check out my website , the link is at the top of this section .

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