In Living Memory

by Alaric in Newmarket, England, United Kingdom

In Living Memory


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Our aim is to bring loved ones and friends closer together during these very difficult and for some, lonely times, in an exciting new way.

by Alaric in Newmarket, England, United Kingdom

I had the idea for 'In Living Memory' whilst sitting in a traffic jam on the M6. I was missing my family and was thinking of what I wanted to say to them and how I could get across how important they were to me in a new and original way. 

I spoke to a very close friend of mine who knows alot about this sort of thing and they loved the idea.  They immediately came on board and since my M6 revelation, we have been working hard, conducting user experience experiments, mapping out user journeys, and working on functionality. 

 We have created a profoundly involving, interactive web app idea that we think will change the way people send messages to each other, or at least add a fresh and innovative dimension to the way we communicate with those who are closest to us.

We have product designers, content specialists and copywriters on board and ready to go. A large media marketing company has already said they love the idea and will help us get it out there as soon as it is built and tested.

Of course, a project of this size and complexity costs money; we have estimated around £80k, to pay for the website design and build, the designers, writers, and advertising and marketing. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.  A video and photo will be appearing in due course.

We are extremely confident that this project will be a huge success and change the lives of many people, especially the most lonely and vulnerable of us. We will be offering shares and rewards to anyone who helps us get up and running

Happy Christmas to you all

Alaric Dynevor - Founder -


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Let's make 'In Living Memory' happen

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