Injured servicemen wants to build race car

Injured servicemen wants to build race car

I served 8 years in the military but was unfortunately medically discharged 7 months ago. After support from charity's I want to help others

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 I served 8 years in the military but was unfortunately medically discharged 7 months ago. My injuries caused by my service have now left me in a wheel chair. I have had unbelievable support from the military charity's helping adjust my home car and supply wheel chairs.

One charity in particular Mission Motorsport helped me in ways that I can never repay. They retrained me as a vehicle mechanic, found me a course in classic vehicle maintenance also, but they didn't stop there I'm now employed servicing and restoring classic cars. Mission Motorsport helps so many injured servicemen like me and hold regular events to get the guys and girls out in passenger laps of well known race circuits.I feel it's my turn to repay my thanks and have decided to build a race car that I can use to take injured personnel out on laps and show them what they can achieve with the support of these charity's. Here's where your support would be appreciated.

I found my self an Mazda MX5 mk1 and started the work on the transformation. Unfortunately my condition deteriorated and I lost more leg function and now require an automatic engine and gearbox etc so I can run hand controls like I do in my road car. Finding an engine isn't such a problem but hand controls are not cheap also I want to make the car the best it can and make the passenger side suitable for a wide range of injurys and conditions.

Any support you wonderful people can provide will be appreciated by so many beyond belief. I'd like to run a Facebook page so investors can see how many happy faces go through the car and what an impact a few laps of a track can have on a fragile minded servicemen. I will be posting more pictures of the car and the Facebook page will have a complete follow along of the build also.

Thank you for taking the time to read my idea and story.

What the Money will be used for:

  • Purchase of an automatic MX5 mk1
  • Roll Cage
  • Fire Extinguisher System
  • Harness set
  • Passenger side Bucket seat
  • Equipment to support various conditions eg. Padding for seat, leg braces etc
  • Suspension Upgrade
  • Tyres


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