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For men and women who want to feel good. All-In-One Tweezer hooks under an Ingrown hair, then you can tweeze the hair out. I need your vote!

by Ingrown out - Enjoy the feeling in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

How this all-in-one tweezer came to me

Over 18 years ago the Princes Trust helped me set up a beauty therapy business. 

I wanted to give an exceptional service to my clients. I had a belief to treat EVERYONE how i wanted to be treated.

I spotted two clear gaps in the beauty industry In 2002. Bikini waxing and male grooming. 

While removing (thousands of) Ingrown hairs I kept dropping my pointy Ingrown hair tweezers into my sterilising glass. This was where the magic happened! 

A hook formed after my first ever client and this was the secret to my success with helping clients keep their skin clean and clear of Ingrown hairs. 

For years clients would ask “Where can i buy these tweezers from?”

In 2020 I protected the design in the UK. 

I wanted to create a versatile tool so the tweezer side was also important to get right. I know how frustrating it is to find a good pair of tweezers on the market.

What problem the tweezers solve?

 Ingrown Out - Enjoy the feeling will help put a stop to Men and women picking at Ingrown hairs or using the wrong tweezers. 

When I told one of my clients that I was going to be launching my tweezers this year she came up with the slogan...You can’t hook a duck with a stick you need a hook to pull it out!

Business opportunity for others!

I wish to offer an opportunity for professionals.

 They can either sell these from a display stand at their business.

You could even use this time now businesses are closed Due to COVID-19 to show the tweezers in action to customers via group messaging or social media and see for yourself who would like to order from you. 

This would help you to make money while waiting at home.

 Please message me at [email protected] to send you a video with the tweezers in action. 

If customers trust you they will order now to help support your business as they will wish to keep coming to your establishment.

 I also wanted to offer an opportunity for people who enjoy selling products on the internet. The all-in-one tweezer is currently under examination to be protected in the U.S.A and 27 countries in Europe. There is nothing of its kind and it is a product that is very much in need. 

Ingrown hair pointy tweezers are dated now. Time for the new to come in!

Who will want to buy these tweezers?

Everyone who loves to groom will love them.

Women who suffer with Ingrown hairs around the bikini line, legs and under arms.

Men who suffer with Ingrown hairs around the beard area or chest area. 

Both Men and women can use these as tweezers to pluck unwanted hairs out.

Why am I on crowd funding?

I had to close my business on 19th March 2020 due to COVID-19 and wanted to try crowd funding so I could continue to fund this project and get the promotion rolling. I’m now bursting with excitement to tell everyone!

 I believe at the right time this will happen so I’m just seeing if this is now! 

What needs funding now to move forward?

1) I need funding to begin the production of the first batch of Ingrown Out tweezers and Eco friendly packaging and display stands.

 I‘ve found an amazing manufacturer who specialises in tweezers and who have engineered these tweezers to a high standard in this unique design.

2) Building the right brand Image Is extremely important. I need to hire a professional who I have found in the UK to help with this. 

3) I need funding for an e-commerce website, which I hope to expand and offer empowering and innovative training on so others can benefit too. This will also be a platform to advertise the tweezers, Stockists and distributors.

4) I’m really not into social media so will need to hire a professional that enjoys doing this to lift the profile of the brand and begin the market launch.

Who will this benefit?

Me, my family, stockists, distributors.

Most important and the MAIN REASON to get this to market.....

 For all the customers that are in need of a brand new Tweezer design and suffer with Ingrown hairs, that cause spots, skin discolouration, scarring from picking with fingers And through using the wrong tweezers. Basically everyone who wants clear, healthy skin.

I love to facilitate an idea that will help others to choose empowerment so this will be a dream come true.

Would you like to enjoy the feeling of removing your Ingrown hairs and tweeze them out? 

My clients experience great satisfaction and joy in doing so. 

Best Wishes

Sarah Louisa

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