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The aim of the project is to raise money to buy a laptop to create my application for my company I look to build a range of applications.

by Marcus mattus in London, England, United Kingdom

I look to build a social media platform that's useful and thoughtful. The vision of the project is to make a basic versions of the idea then build on top of the platform. So I look to use the money to buy a laptop, buy cloud credits and hire people to help me further develop the idea. We look to build a platform that using blockchain can add security and personal user information to the user I look to hire a blockchain specialist and regulation law to help build on my idea more. I look to focus on developing on my crypto currency platform that will be a social media platform I need to help to build a team of technology specialists to help me build the idea to an successful company. The target area is big data blockchain and how to utilise that in artificial intelligence by creating a autonomous character that will be a avatar. The idea is innovative because it's going to be the first of its kind on the market and it going to have a personal device. Using artificial intelligence I look to build data on the platform where you can buy and sell the data to company's to sell advertisement for crypto or fiat currency using blockchain I look to make a crypto currency that whereby you can mine in to the platform server and create crypto currency. This is a new approach to make crypto currency more feasible and easier to use.

What where do at infinity ID you ask well I have come up with a solution to solve how people get paid on social media sites and apps. My idea is creating a app that let you create points from your social media and then be paid for your activity on the platform through crypto currencies. I'm looking to make a app that is its own social networking platform using image recognition technology through machine learning I'm looking to make a app that has FaceTime feature like no other by having experience points collector system that reads your face emotion and turns it in to point on are system with other direct messaging services and voice blog post I'm looking to make a whole new social media experience like no other. 

The team is just some young coders looking to change the world for ever and become the next one to be one of the big 7 like apple Facebook google ibm oracle amazon and Microsoft l.


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