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My aim is to build a platform where everyone can enjoy and make money from I’m looking to create a new way to look at social media.

by Marcus Mattus in London, England, United Kingdom

Well where do I start I’m a computer science student that is heavily invested into the computer industry have many contacts in different companies that can help me grow.

What where do at infinity ID you ask well I have come up with a solution to solve how people get paid on social media sites and apps. My idea is creating a app that let you create points from your social media and then be paid for your activity on the platform through crypto currencies. 

I’m looking to make a app that is its own social networking platform using image recognition technology through machine learning I’m looking to make a app that has FaceTime feature like no other by having experience points collector system that reads your face emotion and turns it in to point on are system with other direct messaging services and voice blog post I’m looking to make a whole new social media experience like no other.

Using crypto currency as a payment platform I’m looking to take over the crypto world as well as the social media market. I’m looking to use other social media in my platform to use as alternative ways to build points for a fun emoji character that changes every time you level up. Using other social media platforms, I’m looking make a crypto that is used for all payments on social media. 

Not only is other social media platform going to benefit from my platform by payment services on their platform for people’s data to advertise to them. But the more people willing to sign up to my platform through theirs I can have a strong user potential. 

Using deep neural networks I’m looking to make a app that can be one for the future using imagery recognition machine learning training models we scan photos to see if there are any abnormality in the photo then we process through are point system to give the user points on the app. 

Using machine learning we can give a score system that everyone is going to love as they have a chance to win money in a monetisation app that gives you a chance to make money of social media. The end goal is to help government regulation make easy ways to make laws on blockchain and artificial intelligence.


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