My aim is to raise funds for project to build a range of prototypes. These range from my social media going beta, my ID camera that also.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi am Marcus from Infinity Corporation Limited  

Here at infinity we strive to reach goal of technology that will inspire a future generations to come.

My first base of my project is my social media this is basic social media that allows you gather points from a range of challenges, video, pictures and your other social media accountand e.g instagram, snapchat, twitter. It also has a cute emojithat will grow into a human emoji as you feed it your points. You can also do in app purchase with Virtual Cash money paying system where you pay for thing with your social media and keep saving in a social bank.

My secondary project is my mind impairment Virtual Reality this is where instead of vision impairment where you see the virtual reality through your eyes your see it through your mind. This is a new breakthrough that am working on its a whole new aspect of the way we look at virtual worlds itself. I'm working on a machine prototype that will let you do that. With the help of my virtual operating system that allow you to create games onit. This is worth close estimate £1trillion in this field of instrest. 

My third project is my tech fitness where I am building a machine that allows to work on every body part and every muscles group including toning build body mass and definition. This will be equipped with a protien range with new type of stem cell research product that I will  be bring out with my machine. To go in to detail where design a product that will be the unlimited work out range it will target muscles groups fast and easy.

My fourth project is my range of games to go with my social media and VR headset games. I want to create games for my facetime chat app that creates points for my gamification points collector. This is possible a life experiences game and/or challenge. With my drone game the connects to my social media emoji that allows you to record on the app. There are also a range of games that you can download on ios store and Android store plus window store. The games are simple rpg game that is connected with your mind impairment Virtual Reality world. This will have a mobile version aswell VR version it will collect points from activities on the game and walk around collecting points and items around the world as you go on to our daily life routine. You also have a contactlenses camera that record your social media activity.