Infinite Monkeys

by Hamish in Penryn, England, United Kingdom

Infinite Monkeys
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'InfiniCorp' are world leaders in efficiency solutions. But their latest innovation ignores individuality in order to increase productivity.

by Hamish in Penryn, England, United Kingdom

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InfiniCorp, self-described 'world-leaders in efficiency solutions', have finished creating a new product that eliminates distractions and causes workers to do tasks faster. In order to test this product before it goes to market, the corporation decides to test it on their own employees. Catching on quickly, the lower-level employees must stop the corporation before it takes control of their lives.

Hamish Thompson - Director and Co-Producer

Infinite Monkeys is my directorial debut. Traditionally, I've been a creative producer and academic who has worked on multiple shorts and a feature film during my studies at Falmouth University. Externally, I've has worked with BAFTA and Academy Award winning independent producers, as well as conglomerate media companies such as NBCUniversal.

Lottie Smith - Co-Producer

Looking to specialise in Screenwriting as a career, I wanted to gain experience in producing original projects, while also having a hand in the script along the way, and so far it has been an exciting and challenging experience. The project covers a range of important themes in an interesting and original way, especially highlighting the importance of individuality in the workplace, which I fully stand behind and am proud to be campaigning for. I am so excited to work alongside Hamish and our wonderful crew to bring this idea to life in the best way possible.

Carys Harmer - Co-Writer and Sound Designer

I am a third-year film student at Falmouth University, interested mostly in the philosophy of film, something that maps perfectly onto the themes of Infinite Monkeys (themes that are close to my heart). I've had fun co-writing something I'm excited to see on screen, and can't wait to explore the possibilities of sound in the film!

Ellie Ganley - Editor 

This project is something I am incredibly excited to make as it is going to challenge me to create something that is vastly different from anything I have made previously throughout my university degree. The story is unlike any of the others I have seen and I’m really looking forward to being a part of the making of this film.

Charlie Davies - Co-Writer and Director of Photography

Through this film, I will show two sides of one story. The advertisement material for InfiniCorp to show off their new invention, and the found-footage exposing the truth about the machine. Both these layers will be aesthetically different. My biggest challenge will be investigating the relationship between CCTV, webcam and mobile phone footage. The restriction of not being able to always see the action will be interesting to explore is a perfect chance to find creative solutions.

Alida Dice - Production Designer

I’m a passionate filmmaker who works to achieve perfection. I’m taking the experience from  Four Cigarettes for Breakfast’s production design to help achieve a vivid world of Infinite Monkeys.

The budget, which we believe is fair and reasonable, reflects the dedication to production design and casting. These departments are often neglected for a more achievable goal in student filmmaking. Additionally, to ensure a more successful end result, we have planned to fund a marketing and festival strategy, envisioning the full lifecycle of the film. The initial goal of this crowdfunding campaign seeks to raise 1/5 of the funds for the film, with the rest coming from non-profit sources.

The largest challenge this project faces is down to film runtime. Historically, this crew has undershot the film, meaning the end result is shorter than planned. To reduce the risk, the film will be storyboarded and an extensive shortlist will be created and stuck to during production. In addition, multiple cutaways will be planned so there is a contingency.

The only additional challenge is that the funding for this film is not met. Should this be the case, the project will be again launched on a crowdfunding site to raise the remaining funds. We would, however, prefer to have this film privately funded by non-profit investors who would be willing to support the project on diversity grounds – as most of the crew on this project represent a historically neglected group in the wider film industry.


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