Infidelity Zone

In this web you can from flirt, a virtual relationship, an adventure you decide what you want to have with the users you contact.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful
My name is Ronald Casas, I'm an Agroindustrial Engineer, and because because I'm unemployed, I'm looking for a new way to support my family, because I'm the only one who supports my home.

Infidelity zone wants to be the website of preference to approach any type of people who wish to dare to an adventure. Knowing that infidelity is present in a high percentage in the world.  

This website allows users to make it clear that it is what they want to find with other users. Because everything is not sex, it can be a simple flirtation, a dinner date to see a movie in order, a virtual relationship and the most daring to have an adventure.  

How does it work:  

It starts with a simple registration and completed a profile, making clear what your interest in the site. This in order to enter user profiles.  

Then you can search by filtering according to your convenience.  

You can make contact with the users of interest by means of messages or using the live chat.  

This website takes about two months to run and the number of registered users is around 300 users. This has been achieved without investing anything in advertising.  

That is why the purpose of collecting this money is to invest it in advertising on the web to expand the number of users interested in the services provided by the website. And then be able to make the website more robust and reliable.