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The aim of this project is to successfully shoot a film in the Latvian language, to tell a new and interesting story, unique to Latvia.

by Jack Hockaday in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

In Latvia, a young, hard working accountant wants to study acting in Paris, against the wishes of his conservative family and friends. As his dreams are challenged, he is forced to consider what is more important: his culture or his future?


Marta - Director

Way back in June of 2018 Marta decided she's going to direct her next short film in Latvia, her home country. Inspired partially by her own experiences as an international student, studying in the UK, Inertia is an opportunity for her to challenge herself, directing actors in her native tongue, as well as a chance to make a film that really incapsulates the underrated beauty of Latvian scenery. With a keen interest in experimental film and an unrivalled work ethic, having Marta as the director of this film guarantees a truly spectacular and unique viewing experience.

Anna - Producer

Based in Latvia, as well as being close friends with Marta since high school, Anna is naturally the best choice of Producer for this project. With three years of experience in film production, she is proficient in the role, with many contacts and ties to crew members, locations and actors. By proxy also working as the production's fixer, making her the eyes and ears of what could be called 'the Latvian front' of the production, ensuring all things are ready upon the crew's arrival. A lot of responsibility to be sure, but with Anna's surfeit of production knowledge, she's definitely up to the task.  

Jack - Line Producer/Production Manager/Screenwriter

A self professed workaholic, for better or worse, Jack has a keen interest in project management and problem solving, making him perfect for the role of: budgeting, scheduling and working out the logistics of the production. Having written, directed and produced a film of his own, that's now heading to festivals, as well as having worked on countless sets in the past three years, Jack is well versed in the scriptwriting, critical thinking and the production process and its most efficient execution.

Harry - 1st Assistant Director

One of the few AD's about who can keep a shoot on schedule without raising his voice, Harry operates on a level of diplomacy that is incredibly hard to come by on even some professional productions. Also experienced in directing and cinematography, Harry has developed a very strong understanding of how to keep a crew on track, without compromising the quality of a shoot, and the best methods of supporting a director. 

Saulė - Production Designer

Meticulous in her craft, Sunny puts in the time and effort necessary for the role production design. Coming from a similar of cultural background to Marta, Lithuania and Latvia sharing a boarder, Sunny understands a lot of the iconography unique to the Baltic states, as well as her skill in producing quality props and set designs, this will make her a valuable asset to the production.

Jacopo - Sound Recordist

Truly passionate about sound, Jacopo is meticulous when it comes to on-set recording, always trying to find the best possible effect in relation to the mood of the scene. In a time when ADR dominates film soundtracks, he will go the extra mile for crisp location sound. With experience doing paid work for his techniques, Jacopo truly is the best man for the job. 

Stylistically the aim is to focus on warm and cold colours corresponding with the relationships portrayed in specific scenes, playing off of Latvia's cold climate as a good metaphor for the protagonist's struggle to warm his friends and family to the idea of him studying in another country. 

Where is your money going?

We have already spent a large amount of our own money paying for plane tickets, we just need a bit more to help us out with a few more things!

- Paying for actor accommodation

- Paying for locations

- Paying for food to feed actors and crew

- Paying for props & costumes

- Paying petrol/diesel costs

Honestly, we appreciate even the smallest donation, and if not a donation please share our campaign around, it all helps! To express our gratitude, all contributors will receive a special thanks credit, thank you!