Industrial Spray Nozzle

by Robert Trif in Dagenham, England, United Kingdom

Industrial Spray Nozzle


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Industrial Spray Nozzle that allows a high reduction of the dust, smoke and other particles found in the slurry in the atmosphere.

by Robert Trif in Dagenham, England, United Kingdom

This device refers to a sprayer that allows a high reduction of the dust, smoke and other particles found in the slurry in the atmosphere, air conditioning and fine pulverization of the pure water that contains a surface-active product that favours the dust smoke and other particles, precipitating.

It can be used in the production rooms to clear the air for the worker's protection and also to exhaustion chimneys for environment protection against pollution. As you know, pollution was, it is and will be a problem that must be solved, and this device is able to provide an essential improvement of the air quality.

This sprayer can be used in any industry that is producing as a result of processing, dust, smoke particles, in order to clean the air, as instance cement, timber, coal, rubber, glass, coke-chemical.

In Europe, the most known producers of industrial sprayers are DUSTEX-LECHLER-Germany and NEU-Italy. 

These being nozzles for the water pulverization that are using a jet of air, the water being radial introduced in front of the air jet, the mixture being conducted to a resonance chamber, providing the water pulverization. 

The main disadvantages of these kinds of devices are their low capacity, low penetration power and high energy consumption.

Coanda-effect Industrial Sprayer Nozzle eliminates these disadvantages because it makes the liquid pulverization in shock-waves into an ultrasonic field using for that an exterior type Coanda-nozzle, placed inside of an additional-ejection nozzle enlarged to the forepart, the nozzle being fed with compressed air and liquid, simultaneously. 

As it is already known, 75-80% of the amount necessary to be spent before to start the serial product manufacturing, is given by the stage of making the Project Design and Prototype Building. 

I specify that I have already made the Project Design and I have built the Prototype in three variants, ready to be tested on both sides presence, after that we can start the serial product manufacturing.

Finally, it arises a question, WHY would you choose from so many offers you maybe received, Quite My Offer?  The answer is, because, in comparison to the existing sprayers, my device has the following advantages, to be taken into account: 

-it has a simple and robust construction

-provides a more fine and uniform air-liquid mixture 

-ultrafine liquid pulverization 

-provides a high purification ability and high penetration

-power of the mixture in the area to be cleaned

-it has a high capacity

-allows a yearly electric energy savings, of tens of MW/h

-having a low consumption of energy

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