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Introduce & educate people on how healthy Indian-inspired food can appeal to those who want meals balanced, grease-free and accessible meals

by Rhea Advani in London, England, United Kingdom

I have spent most of her professional life in the media industry working with high-fashion brands. After leaving the corporate world to follow my passion for hospitality, I joined JKS Restaurants where I was working for the last 2 years.

Having grown up in Dubai, and lived in Austin, Paris and Mumbai, I understand the diversity of flavours in food and appreciates the fusion of global cuisines. I spent  months travelling to research food trends and what consumers look for when selecting a nutritious, balanced and affordable meal.

Being an avid traveller, and living away from my family, I crave home cooking often. Very few restaurants have found a good balance between a delicious, satisfying meal that is also guilt-free and reasonably priced.

I grew up in a household where food brought people together. My mum is from Mangalore while my father is from Mumbai. ‘Home food’ is flavourful, exciting, but also light and easy to digest.

Being a passionate foodie, feeder, and fitness enthusiast, I saw the need for a home-style Indian-inspired concept that is innately nutritious, consistent and that doesn’t hurt the pocket. There is no doubt Indian food is one of the most popular cuisines in London, however it is generally perceived as an indulgence.

Why wouldn’t people want to indulge in a lighter version of their favorite flavours?

Unfortunately, the lack of creativity, awareness and accessibility has allowed a takeover of curry houses and high-end restaurants in the city. We are here to reintroduce and educate people on how Indian-inspired cuisine can appeal to consumers who want to live healthier, eat on the go, and avoid compromising on taste. By incorporating less familiar ingredients with recognizable flavours, we aim to create a unique offering and a constantly evolving menu.

My goal is to build a team which consists of businesses and individuals who truly believe in an overall healthier lifestyle and see food as one of the most important aspects in our mental and physical well-being. Reduction of food waste is another extremely important factor, in addition to being a sustainable brand, overall.

I would like to get advice from those who have successfully built businesses with similar visions, and gather as much relevant information to change the fast casual Indian offering, starting with London, and eventually expanding to food-centric cities around the world. 


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