Party - Fund a new political party UK

Party - Fund a new political party UK

The aim To start a new political party in the U.K.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The independent party (name up for discussion) needs to become a new party in U.K. Politics.

The mess of the last few months in the U.K. Has left many ashamed and worries about there future in the U.K. and the aim is to not win this election as it's impossible but what we want is to raise a strong Center more left than right party that can sort out this country and engage a new generation of voters.

This party needs to be ran by the experienced and the young as to develop as a country we need the skills of the experienced and the youth to keep the future happy and protected. 

Any donations to help this cause could change history and I beg of you all to help the party begin with you're help not only donations but with you joking our party !