Help Elect an Independent MP for Hammersmith

Help Elect an Independent MP for Hammersmith

Let's help elect a truly non-partisan MP who will enable and maintain direct democracy between the people and parliament!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Partisan politics isn't going away soon. In this day and age, what is the choice? On the Red side we see weak leadership and infighting. On the blue side they adjust at the snap of the finger to shameless vote-grabbing positions.

Whatever party you vote for in this coming election, it is very unlikely that you will wholly concur with the volume of their manifesto, let alone what they actually say and do in the lobbies in Westminster.

So! I want to stand in my resident constituency of Hammersmith as an independent candidate, with the promise of direct democratic representation.

This means that I personally begin neutral and truely non-partisan - and the consituency itself votes continuously on the views and policies on all issues that I take to parliament.

What makes this superior to electing a political party member is that I would be significantly more representative of the overall views of the area, compared with an MP constrained by a party whip. It enables all of the electorate that wish to have a continuous direct impact in the House of Commons, rather than having to trust what the elected member promised during an election campaign.

Furthermore, this approach allows the mood and opinions within the constituency to shift and change and have the majority consensus immediately represented, rather than having to wait until the next election.

All of us deserve real, authentic representation. Let's change the face of modern democracy!