Independent Journalism @ Trump's Inauguration

by Joe Boswell in Washington

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I'm a writer and photographer hoping to cover the 2017 presidential inauguration from an independent, liberal perspective.

by Joe Boswell in Washington

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Okay, so my name is Joe Boswell, and I’m a writer.

Throughout the week of the 2016 presidential election in the US I wrote a series of photo-illustrated political dispatches, reporting live from the streets of Chicago and New York via facebook. And now I’m looking to return to the States to document Donald Trump’s inauguration and the surrounding protests in Washington, DC. And I need your help to fund that.

My previous dispatches can be read on my website:

In my writing I've been committed to giving a platform to the widest array of voices and political opinions. On my previous trip to the States I spoke to Democrats, Republicans, swing-voters, non-voters, blacks, whites, Asians, Latinos, Filipinos, Christians, Muslims, atheists, activists, academics, entrepreneurs, queer people, trans people, the young, the old, city dwellers, hillbillies, and the homeless.

In listening to these people, and in writing about what they have to say, I’ve been very inspired by Christopher Isherwood's novel 'Goodbye to Berlin', which is also a collection of character portraits set against a politically volatile situation, in this case Germany in the 1930s. On the first page of the novel Isherwood has this famous line that runs: "I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking" - and I love that quote because it captures what I’ve been trying to do in terms of allowing the people in my writing to reveal themselves and their worldview without too much editorial on my part.

Having said that, I won’t pretend to complete neutrality. If I have an agenda, it’s primarily to show how complicated the situation is, how much thought it requires, and how poorly served we are - in this polarising moment - by reductionist narratives of good vs. evil. Where my voice comes to the fore, it’s generally been to criticise that kind of thinking on the left. I’m one of those people who worries that a growing illiberalism on our side is in part to blame for the rise of authoritarianism on the other.

So that's my pitch, anyway. If that sounds like the sort of journalism you'd like to support, I'd be very grateful for your help. This is last minute, I know, but if it looks like I can raise at least £500 by Wednesday, I'll be on a plane to Washington. If I can get as much as £1000 that'll cover my costs in their entirety, and if by some miracle I raise more than that then hey, I’ll get paid.

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Thank you.


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