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Why do I need a new wheelchair?

In one word, Independence!

It all started 50 years ago when as an adventurous, some may say ‘challenging’, young boy, I fell out of a tree.

Six itchy months in plaster followed but with all the confidence of one so young I thought that was it, back was mended, I was invincible again.

Not so! Surgery, pain, more pain, constant pain, wheelchair!

No problem, with the car I had at the time I was able to put the wheelchair in the back by myself and go wherever I wanted.  However, following the deterioration of my shoulders, and 2 strokes, one of which was major, I needed to use an electric wheelchair much of the time.

 The car I have today is ideal for either chair, but I need my carer to help me get it in and strapped down. I did try it by myself but ended up flat on my back with bits of wheelchair scattered out of reach. All very amusing for my carer, but a stark reminder of my limitations.

It’s just over 1 year since the strokes and I am doing pretty well, but my body is now starting to suffer from lack of exercise through not being able to get out enough in my manual chair. To be honest, the mind is suffering too.

So the plan is to get a lightweight chair that I can put in the car myself, affording me a refreshing degree of independence. I have found a company who can supply one which I managed to put in the back of the car without falling in with it. 

I long to be able to go out to visit friends or family whenever I want to, or need to. I have even found a place where I can take up wheelchair dancing, or just go shopping – did you know supermarkets are a brilliant place to exercise the shoulders; the polished floors are perfect for smooth ride.

Yes there is a catch. The lightweight chair that is suitable for all my needs costs £3,684.10, and that is the standard version! 

As I don’t have that kind of money can you please help with my crowdfunding by donating whatever the amount you feel comfortable with.

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