Indeandra Industry

Indeandra Industry

Indeandra Industry is a brand new events company. Looking for help with funding.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 Indeandra Industry is a brand new events company started and managed by Latifah Spencer. We are a partenership stuctured company. Our company goal is to bring live entertainment to the public with fresh and new creative ideas, with young people working together to a accomplish something great by doing what we love.

The target market is 19+ for most events we well keep in the future but the age group all depend on the event in hand.

The pricing well depend on the type of event the costumer wants.

The owners would like to start a business in the art, entertainment, and recreation sector.


Ownership Background

latifah indeandra spnecer (partner):


Tyrell smith (partner):


Company Management Structure

latifah spencer.

Organizational Timeline

the maximum timeline is 5 year.