Customised Putters

by Custom Putters in Bearsden, Scotland, United Kingdom

Customised Putters
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Project aim is to increase productivity with better and quicker machines. we are wanting to make customised golf putters affordable for ever

by Custom Putters in Bearsden, Scotland, United Kingdom

I am a P.G.A Professional who has over 15 years experience in the golf industry. Idea came when I was teaching golfers to putt and realised that not many actually like the putter they buy. 

Many would like to design their own putter but that can be costly. with my idea of bringing everything in house, all of our overheads are kept to a minimum meaning that a customised putter is affordable. 

Everything I have learnt with the business is all self taught and I am  very passionate about it. 

My vision is supply custom made golf putters world wide. designed by the customer themselves, I know the market is calling out for this. no other company does it to the extent that the customer designs the entire club themselves. 

the money raised will go on a bigger and better machine which will reduce machining time and costs due to the speed of the machine. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more


Reward is being able to order putters in the future at 50% discount

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