Inconsiderate Parkers UK

Inconsiderate Parkers UK

Collecting funding to buy business cards to place on inconsiderate parkers windscreens

We did it!

On 26th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £120 with 6 supporters in 28 days

Inconsiderate Parkers is the No.1 place to view and submit photos of vehicles that have been parked in a way that would be inconsiderate to others. The website was started in 2013 after the creator, who is from Sheffield and a wheelchair user became fed-up of becoming stuck because of Inconsiderate Parkers. Unfortunately he had to pass the group on to another member after receiving threats. Not only does footpath parking affect wheelchair & pram users but it also affects blind people too who can find it frightening having to go into a busy road to go round a car blocking a footpath.

Our aim is to make drivers realise the affect Inconsiderate Parking can have on wheelchair users, OAPs and the blind. We want the government to make changes to the law so the police/council have powers to ticket cars parked blocking footpaths. At the moment it is only illegal in London, but we believe this should be a national law.Any money raised will be put towards business cards for people to place on windscreens of cars or if we raise enough some posters that people can put up in the worst

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