Inclusive Dance Teacher Training

by Elisabeth in Halifax, England, United Kingdom

Inclusive Dance Teacher Training
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I am struggling to cover expenses related to attending an Inclusive Dance Teacher Training course.

by Elisabeth in Halifax, England, United Kingdom

The short version:

From January to May this year I am attending an Inclusive Dance Teacher Training Course that takes place south of London. I am based in West Yorkshire (North-west England) and I am struggling to cover my expenses for travel and accommodation. 

However much I wish I could JUST DO IT - find cheapest options and get on with it -  I know from experience that this will not work. 

I struggle with chronic pain+fatigue and poor immunesystem so I have to take care how I plan and do things. In the past I have had to give up various courses and training  because I could not figure out how to accommodate my needs.

I want to spend my precious energy on learning and not on logistics. 

If you feel able to support me financially any contribution will be received with deep gratitude.    

The long version:

I have a long term dream of setting up an inclusive community movement and performance project. Cross generational, cross cultural and for all abilities. 

My first hurdle is confidence so I was very excited when I saw that StopGap Dance Company was putting on a teacher training course. I came across StopGap last summer at a community dance summer school and was very impressed with their approach to teaching and inclusion.
I applied and was accepted on to the course and then I started looking into how to finance it. The fee for the course is very reasonable and my partner is helping me cover this.

However it soon became clear that it would be more tricky to cover expenses for travel and accommodation.

I struggle with chronic fatigue and pain and my levels of functioning can fluctuate quite dramatically on a daily basis. Also I will get ill very easily if I put too much pressure on my immunesystem - stress, overwhelm and not sticking with my diet are main culprits. 

Some of the things that help me function better are predictability, familiarity, simplicity, slow pacing, a lot of rest and time and space to withdraw and process. This means I have to be very aware of how I plan things like travelling and attending events.

I went down to the first 3 training days in January and apart from attending the (very good!) training, I also spent a lot of time getting to know the area, thinking about possibilities and gauging how to make the rest of the course work best for me.

Some key things that became clear were:

 1) I need to stay close to the venues used for training. I don't have the energy to commute from further away where accommodation may be cheaper (which was one of the options I looked into)

2) I cannot travel back home on the same day I attend training. It just creates too much stress for me as if anything goes slightly wrong with delays I am likely to not make it all the way home due to limited connections once I get up North. However this adds an extra day of accommodation expenses.

3) I need privacy and control over my environment which means I cannot share with others (e.g. hostel) or stay in somebody's home where I have to socialise. 

4) The area where the training is taking place is not only south of London it is also middle class - which makes accommodation more expensive than I am used to. And there is limited choice.

5) Due to my diet I either need to stay somewhere with a small kitchen so I can cook from scratch or I have to spend money on appropriate food from health food places. Either option adds extra expenses.

I have done some budgeting counting in these factors and I found that expenses will be an average of £300-£400 per month. I will be able to cover some of it myself but any help will be gratefully received. 

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