In which Jess researches a novel!

In which Jess researches a novel!

To raise money for train fares, food and one night of accommodation for a research trip.

We did it!

On 5th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £360 of £300 target with 21 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

With an extra £100 I'll be able to replace my old walking boots, which are about 7 years old and full of holes. Since I'll be doing A LOT of walking, reaching the stretch goal will mean I'm comfortable on all parts of the journey (especially the bit along Hadrian's wall!), which given its December is something to aim for!! 

"Where I'm from doesn't matter, it only matters that it's not here." 

As part of National Novel Writing Month, I've started a first draft of my novel, 'Dear Lina'. I'm doing very well, well over the 30,000 mark already and I'm starting to plan my post-November research.

My main character makes a journey across England to the top of the country, in a bid to complete a difficult journey, and I plan to track her route. 

Her journey, and mine,  will end with 3 hours of walking along Hadrian's wall. I have time at the beginning of December to make the trip so am trying to crowdfund my train fares! 

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