In The Sky

Project by Nio
In The Sky

In The Sky wants operate as a independent clothing brand line that sells high quality clothing and accessories.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I plan to provide an independent clothing brand line business that sells high quality clothing and accessories consisting of innovative designs aimed at  primarily youths who are engaged into urban fashion for example skateboarders etc and also adults from early 18s to mid-50s; upper income averages. The business is called ‘In The Sky’, because I want people to be empowered to be high flyers in all areas of their life, so wearing the brand clothing they will be empowered for that. The business I have chosen to be is a Private Limited Company and I have chosen this structure as it has tax advantages and it accompanies limited liability which protects the personal wealth of the shareholders and it’s easier to raise finance.

I want to short term get the business brand out there publically through primarily starting to  trade online having online sales and further move on later to store chains, attracting customer’s world- wide through advertising on a variety of platforms and marketing on a variety of social media.

Midterm I want to establish more store chains of the brand, attract new customers to the buy clothing from the brand and repeat customers.

Long term I want to establish the brand and maximise business profits.

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