In The Silence

Project by Annabel Grace

To raise awareness about "PTSD", so many more people can recognise and understand the condition leading to help for those affected.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 10:04am 31st August 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 10:04am 31st August 2018

As the Creator / Producer, I will organise all the main aspects of the project, and will work very closely with the cast and crew alongside the Director, the project is my baby and I am very passionate about delivering an engaging visual story one that everyone can relate to from there on own personal experience or someone else they know going through this.

The logline for the film: “When her partner returns from war a changed man, a young woman must put her own life and career on hold as she attempts to save a once perfect relationship” In the Silence is a UK short film where a young black couple tries to navigate getting back to normal after a soldier returns from serving in the British Army.

I believe change is needed and we always have room to grow. This film can start a new dialogue to encourage more open conversations about "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" which is a subject barely covered and a lack of ethnic representation when it is discussed on a public media platform. By telling this story we give voices to those struggling an opportunity as well for many others suffering in silence to speak up and share their stories. "Annabel Grace"

Our Director: Ethosheia Hylton please see her website link to her work: 

Trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York

Ethosheia is an actress turned Director / Screenwriter but she has worked her way up into this position by learning the ropes bringing a well-rounded perspective to her work. From starting as a runner to assistant director, script editor, camera assistant, taking on editing, understanding the importance of all the crew roles and successfully directed & produced five short films.

"In The Silence" was an instant attraction to me as it is an emotive story exploring issues which hold a particular interest with me. PTSD amongst British ex-army vets has been hitting the tabloids for years however it is almost unspoken about amongst black soldiers. I loved the way In The Silence brings us into this world, which I have never seen on screen and is depicted with incredible imagery and character. As a director, it is an exciting opportunity to explore and depict this tumultuous realm on screen and incorporate my creative vision for the film.  "Ethosheia Hylton"

How the money raised will be allocated: 

40% Crew & Equipment

25% Locations

15%  Travel

10% Cast

5% Marketing

5% Film Festivals

We need you to be a part of this journey with us to raise the funds to make this film. 

Please contribute what you can ;-)

Help us spread the word by sharing this link with friends, family, post it on twitter, facebook it will take you less than a min.

If you would like to get involved by donating wardrobe if you have a skill or resource that might be helpful during our shoot we'd love to hear from you.  

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