In the face of financial hardship, please help me

by Tasneem grace in London, England, United Kingdom

In the face of financial hardship, please help me


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Due to the lack of funding for postgraduate education I'm seeking donations of any size to help me pursue an amazing educational offer.

by Tasneem grace in London, England, United Kingdom

In the face of financial hardship & adversity, I would like to call out to the generosity of the individuals reading this and ask for funding however small or large, that will allow me to pursue a life changing educational opportunity that I have been granted however cannot pursue due to my financial hardship status.

Over 11 years has passed since my mother and only parent became life alteringly ill with a relentless development of osteoarthritis. At the age of 13 the strongest motherly structure my mother had built around me for protection began to crumble as she rapidly became weaker and less able, as the days passed by I began to build a protective wall around her from my pieces of rubble.

Night after night painkillers could not longer provide her with enough tranquillity to sleep, struggling to open a jam jar became struggling to get dressed, worrying about school became worrying about becoming homeless. Whilst my Mothers illness spread around her body, my grandmother also developed cancer for the second time and unfortunately fell down a steep flight of stairs limiting her mobility for the rest of her life. As a small family of 5 we cherished every moment with one another, aware how lucky we are to be together. This awareness of human fragility prompted me to forever channel the strength of my family in my own life and everything that I do which has lead me to fighting for this current opportunity despite coming from the financial hardship of a working class family.

Thanks to a maintenance loan I was able to afford to live in another city and accept my university offer and gain a 2:1 BA Hons Fine art degree. With a hard earned education under my belt and my Mothers recovery I am finally able to pursue my dreams and accept a place at University of Arts London to study a Masters degree in Fashion photography.

Against all odds I have been offered a 1 in 25 place on the course that I have worked towards for 5 years, despite this offer being the most amazing news of my life I was heartbroken to discover that there is no maintenance loan available for a postgraduate course. I have been granted a loan exclusively for my course however I will not be able to take up this offer unless I can raise funds to support the cost of living while enrolled in this 15 month long course.

As the course is full time, I will sadly only be able to work part time which would not cover the cost of living and studying therefore my pledge is through the generosity of the public and the belief in the pursuit of dreams to raise enough money to support myself during my life changing education.

Having only recieved my offer 2 weeks ago I am doing everything within my power to raise the funds in time for September, I have applied for a financial hardship fee wavier from my university that could possibly help with a third of the total if it is accepted. Although I am a full time carer for my grandmother I have been looking for a full time job for 4 months with no luck, although I remain hopeful that I might be able to find a job I would still not be able raise enough money based on that possibility alone. I don’t believe I am owed anything from anyone in life, however it would be a wonderful thought that I might be granted the opportunity to change my circumstances instead of being denied a higher education due to wealth.

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