In Memory of Grace

In Memory of Grace

Hi Everyone! Im raising funds to present 4 beautiful siblings a necklace in memory of thier sister

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi Everyone! 

Recently a family i know tragically lost thier little girl, Grace :'( leaving behind 4 siblings. Grace was a beautiful soul and i have no doubt is flying high in the gardens in the sky. I felt so compelled to raise so funds to get each of her brothers & sister an engraved necklace to wear, for comfort when in times of need & to remind them thier sister always will be with them. 

I cant imagine how difficult it is for such young ones to come to terms or get thier heads around the loss of thier sister in hoping everyone will help to raise the funds to get these ...updates will be given once the necklaces have been sent for and the enscibing on them along with an update picture. the cost will cover a necklace for both parents and will be sterling silver. 

Thank you to everyone!