'In Memoriam', dance theatre work

In Memoriam, a dance theatre work inspired by and dedicated to women of The Great War. Involves dance, live music and film.

We did it!

On 29th May 2016 we successfully raised £855 of £800 target with 18 supporters in 35 days

In Memoriam is a dance theatre work inspired by and dedicated to women of The Great War - women who 'stayed behind', women who became the 'army behind the army and created a new female role model: the working women. It blends flamenco and contemporary dance, live music and film.

 We are a company of dancers, musicians and visual artists of different origin (England, Ukraine, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Poland and Bosnia) based in London. The subject of war for most of us is deeply painful and personal. With this work, we celebrate some of these greatest females through time; women who changed the world as we know it by breaking boundaries in fields of science, government, society and art but remained largerly anonymous.

The first and unfinished version was performed in London in 2014. The audience found it profound and moving, and we finished the work last year thanks to the partial contribution by the Arts Council. We now need your support to be able to perform it in several small venues in London, starting with Rosemary Branch Theatre on May 26th and 27th. The funds will cover costs of preparing the show - rehearsal space, lighting and technical support and pay our artists.

By supporting our piece you'll be contributing towards an artistic project that reminds us of tangible, achievable role models in today's culture.

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