In Body- Innovative contemporary flamenco dance

In Body: Dotdotdot Dance's ambitious new production that brings together contemporary flamenco, spoken word, sound design and live music.

We did it!

On 8th May 2018 we successfully raised £2,398 with 53 supporters in 35 days


Three  choreographers,  three collaborators, three different truths spoken through the body.  In Body is a triple bill conceived by Dotdotdot’s choreographers Noemí, Magdalena and Yinka, who each chose a traditional flamenco style, and delved into its history and the sensations it provoked in them. The result is a vibrant and diverse triptych of interdisciplinary pieces that incorporate spoken word, electronic soundscapes and music, presenting a new kind of flamenco that brings the audience even closer to its power and beauty. 

In Body was originally commissioned and produced by Sadler’s Wells in 2016. We are about to embark on our final stage of research and development to meet our goal of finishing and filming the work by summer 2018. We will go on to tour the production in 2019. 

"Thoroughly entertaining, illuminating and pioneering, effectively expressing the pure talent and dynamism of the company’s three founders." Laura Ewing- The Upcoming (2016)

8e6b9071aea4b8dfbd46f3da6ef8d41b26aec6bbPhoto: Camilla Greenwell 

Meet The Dots: 

Award-winning Dotdotdot Dance was co-founded in 2014 by British flamenco dancer/choreographers Noemí Luz, Magdalena Mannion and Yinka Esi Graves. We are developing In Body in collaboration with a team of highly acclaimed artists: musical director Liam Howarth, flamenco singer Emilio Florido, spoken word artist Toni Stuart, sound designer José Tomé and cellist/composer Colin Alexander. 

We also have the support of expert choreographic advisors Chloé Brûle, and Vera Koppern, lighting designer Antony Hately and costume designers Fábrica Flamenca, López de Santos and Sonia Cortés. 

We need your support!

Dotdotdot Dance is a small independent dance company that relies on funding to carry out its artistic projects, as well as generating some of its income through performances and teaching programmes. To be able to carry out this final stage of the project, we will be relying on in-kind support from partner organizations and donations from people like you. 

The final stage of development will take place in April/May 2018. 

Your investment will: 

  • Enable us to film the finished work in a theatre space with professional equipment and technical support 
  • Contribute to artists’ fees and commissions for the final stage of development 
  • Contribute to costuming
  • Cover the team's travel expenses  

More about IN BODY- Production and Artistic content

In Body features original music and soundscapes from Liam Howarth, Colin Alexander and José Tomé as well as bespoke lyrics and text from Emilio Florido and Toni Stuart. 

In Body was originally commissioned and produced by Sadler’s Wells and presented as a Wild Card at the Lilian Baylis Studio in 2016 with the support of the Arts Council England. In 2017, one of the pieces, I come to my body as a question was developed with the help of The Movement Fund and premiered in Sampled Festival at Sadler’s Wells and The Lowry. This second phase of development showed us how much further our exploration could go when provided with the time and resources we needed and demonstrated the excellent potential of the work.  

Since its inception, Dotdotdot has run workshops for dancers of all ages and abilities. We will be running choreographic workshops throughout the creation process. 


Three women are dragged backwards through a waking dream, summon memory through the earth’s vibration, and quiver under the external gaze. This triple bill explores three different perspectives on the body and is a collaboration with a spoken word artist, a cellist/composer and a sound designer.

When Viola met Vargas - Choreography and Concept by Magdalena Mannion
This piece is an exploration of shared pulse & emotional dynamics and is inspired by movement qualities found in Bill Viola’s video art and Manuela Vargas’ iconic solo Peteneras. The piece is a collaboration with composer/cellist Colin Alexander. This piece is also being developed as a stand-alone work for outdoor/public spaces. 

Into Being - Choreography and Concept by Noemí Luz
Into Being draws from Tarantos; a traditional flamenco style that was born out of the mining communities in Andalusia and harbours a primitive and earthy quality. The piece explores the many ways in which the earth harbours memory; as a simple vibration, as the DNA inside a seed that is germinating, as the memory that lives inside our ancestors who have laid to rest in the earth.  Into Being is a collaboration with sound designer José Tomé and uses electronic soundscapes as well as live music. 

I Come to my Body as a Question - Choreography and Concept by Yinka Esi Graves
This piece is a direct reaction, deconstruction and retelling of the sentiments expressed in the flamenco style of Guajira. The traditional Guajira provoked a sense of alienation in Yinka and she was inspired by the appropriation of its elements, such as the use of the fan, its lyrics, and the over sensualized perception of feminine gestures. Central to this exploration is the coming together of flamenco song and Toni Stuart's original text and spoken word. 

Our mission

  • To generate a new voice for flamenco in Britain, creating productions of the highest artistic quality. 
  • To create work that questions, relishes and reflects the times we live in.
  • To produce flamenco dance told from a British, female perspective. 
  • To run educational programmes with the view of making flamenco more accessible, using it to inspire and empower people all over the country. 
  • To bring flamenco to new audiences. 

Your pledge 

Any donation whether big or small will be of valuable help to us. Your support will help us to bring moving and empowering dance to audiences all over the UK in 2019. In Body marks a significant shift for Dotdotdot. It is our most ambitious project to date, and your help will enable us to make it a reality. 

Our partners 

We would like to thank Sadler's Wells, The Lowry, Arts Council England, The Movement, STDMA- Sarah Trist Dance Management, Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Sevilla Antonio Ruiz Soler, Centro Cívico Bellavista Sevilla, Cultura Infinita and Hidden Door Events. 

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