In a House, At Night

by Tomás Ferreira in Cardiff, Cardiff, United Kingdom

In a House, At Night


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Halloween night in a women’s shelter. A girl dares to leave her mother's bed, re-encountering fear as witness of the victims' nightmares.

by Tomás Ferreira in Cardiff, Cardiff, United Kingdom

What is "In a House, At Night"?

In a women’s shelter, 7-year-old Lynn celebrates Halloween night with her mother Alice who, dressed up in a cat suit, amuses her daughter. Later at night, both are in bed, but Lynn can’t fall asleep. She sulks about missing their old home and friends. Alice, disturbed by this, asks Lynn to sleep. Grumpy, the child decides to pass the night in her friend’s room. The saddened mother asks Lynn to not leave her alone, but she goes away. 

Separated and alone, the young girl revives her own fear through witnessing the house’s hauntings connected to the shared abused past with her mother, while Alice dangerously ponders about calling back her husband so to give Lynn her family again…

The Writer's Vision: How did this Story develop?

Writer-Director Tomás Ferreira writes:

Since an early age I was aware of this strange house at the end of my street. One night, as I passed by it with my father, I noticed its bared windows and high ragged walls surrounding it and yet a very innocent white and pink exterior. I remember seeing through a window the shadows of a mother and a daughter watching TV. I asked my father what the place was and he answered. It was a women’s shelter.

This image stayed with me, leading to this project which invites the spectator to dive into an eerie horror atmosphere enveloping a very sensitive drama story. It’s a study of a mother-daughter bond stained by the shared memory of violence and a reflection of the shelter as a paradoxical place conveying both protection and imprisonment of the fears and anxieties bubbling inside it.

A Little about Us

Writer & Director - Tomás Ferreira

1633285650_profile_1.jpgGraduate from Lisbon Theater and Film School, currently studying MA Film Directing at the University of South Wales, Tomás has been developing his screenwriting skills over different projects in order to best understand his storytelling voice and direct his own work. Recently, he has directed three shorts films, one of them promoted by a renowned film critic and another screened publicly at Chapter Arts Center. He also co-wrote a short film accepted for a creative supporting programme at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

Producer - Georgina Morgan

1633707778_georgina.jpgGeorgina is a writer/producer who has created multiple short films and music videos. She is passionate about film making and since graduating has worked for ITV, trained as a script supervisor and assisted on films that have won awards across the globe. In 2020, she founded the production company, Venus and Mars Films, and has began development on her first feature film .

Hair & Make-up Artist - Scarlet Millward

1633296475_scarl.jpgScarlet is a specialist makeup student, qualified in Level 2 Theatrical Media Makeup, Level 3 Diploma Theatrical Media Makeup and hairtsyling in addition to her Level 4 HNC in Specialist Makeup and Hairstyling. Scarlet has experience in all departments of the makeup industry including Fashion and Photographic Makeup, Theatrical Makeup and Makeup for TV and Film. Creativity and a perfect final image are important points to her work and she has a hard passion for transformations.

Costume Designer - Amelia Kennedy

Studying B1633298051_amelia.jpgA in Fashion Design at the University of South Wales, Amelia has spent the last 2 years developing the necessary skills needed to advocate for environmental sustainability in the fashion world, whilst still creating meaning. She has done live briefs with Timberland and Leather UK, helping create their digital collections for competitions and is deeply invested in costume design for film, having done short film work in the past.

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