Improving Plymouth Lacrosse

Improving Plymouth Lacrosse

To raise enough money in order to paint lacrosse lines on our current astro turf pitch.

We did it!

On 30th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £525 with 28 supporters in 56 days

Our aim:

Plymouth Lacrosse aim to raise enough money in order to paint lacrosse lines on our current astro turf for BUCs and SEMLA matches.

About the project:

Plymouth Lacrosse welcomes you!

The University of Plymouth Lacrosse Club, otherwise known as ‘UPLAX’ is a huge, mixed club, full of talented players with a passion for the sport. Each year we gain more and more members (we had 95 members last season), ranging from complete amateurs to experienced veterans, and we love seeing the teams evolve and develop together. The club was formed back in 2008 and has grown year after year as the sport has grown in popularity nation wide, leading us towards the first ever National Lacrosse Day which will take place on 19th September 2015.

            The club has had a lot of success in recent years. Over the 2014/2015 season, our Ladies team managed to reach the final of the Western Conference Cup, defeating tough competition along the way and narrowly missing out on gold, as well as achieving runners up in our BUCs league. Our Men's team also performed well this season with some very tight games, coming in third place in the SEMLA West Division and fourth in the BUCs league.


      As a club, we are very proud of these achievements and feel we deserve recognition in the form of adequate facilities to play on, to allow us to continue to perform to the best of our abilities.

      HOWEVER, we currently do not have a pitch to play on that is marked with lacrosse lines that comply with current Federation of International Lacrosse and English Lacrosse Association regulations. In fact, we have been forced this year, and previous years to mark out our pitch for home matches using duct tape, on a local astro surface pitch at Brickfields that is marked for use of other sports, such as hockey. This is not only humiliating for us when other teams come down to play, but also affects our own performance. As you can imagine, duct tape is incredibly difficult to see on the astro, especially when in the middle of a fast-paced and demanding lacrosse game. It is also not secure, and often doesn’t stay put throughout an 80 minute match. This can lead to fouls in play by both teams, which can affect the outcome of the game and is incredibly frustrating. Our ladies team faced Bournemouth on this pitch, who played on protest due to the pitch conditions, which was incredibly embarrassing for us but also affected our confidence and our game. Proper markings would allow for a higher standard of play, which would benefit both us, and opposing teams.

            With the club not being given enough funding or support to use professional referees for our home matches, we are forced to use valuable club money to get amateurs qualified to do this. Our refs are passionate and committed, however refereeing is demanding in itself, and is made hugely more difficult by the lack of proper markings. This has certainly affected our results in the past, and is another reason proper lines on the pitch would be hugely beneficial to us.


On a wider spectrum, a Plymouth City lacrosse club is in the process of being set up, which could also benefit from having a pitch to play on at Brickfields. The success of the lacrosse in Plymouth could also entice more young people to take up the sport, which would be great for increasing awareness, as well as being a great way to keep young people fit and healthy, whilst enjoying themselves by playing a great game!

            As a club, we are extremely passionate about our sport. We love the game, and get huge rewards from playing, as we are sure other sports teams do. So why are we seemingly the only sports team who competes for the university who doesn’t have a proper pitch to play on? Our only other option for home games with markings has been a pitch spray-painted onto badly kept grass at Staddiscombe, playing fields, which has now been turned into a building site with complete dis-regard for local sporting needs. The University of St Marks and St John, has at least two officially marked lacrosse pitches, yet their lacrosse club is smaller than ours and our ladies team managed to beat them in our 2015 Varsity match! Imagine what we could achieve if we had a pitch of our own to practice on!

            We love lacrosse. It is a huge part of all our university experiences, and we hope this will continue for many players in years to come. So we are asking for your help to achieve our goal of £800 to cover the cost of getting a pitch marked out, to allow us to carry on playing at our very best! Whether you can afford to donate £1 or £50 to our cause, your support is hugely appreciated by all of us!





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