Transforming Literacy in Nigeria

Through this project we aim to raise £25,000 to enable 10,000 disadvantaged, rural children in Northern Nigeria to read and write.

We did it!

On 19th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £220 with 9 supporters in 42 days

We help Nigerian children to read and write in government schools that were previously failing their pupils. To date we have trained over 24,000 primary school teachers and reached over 1 million children with the support of the Nigerian government. Here are some examples of our impact in the last year alone:

  • Pupils from Central Nigeria are now 24 months ahead of their peers in terms of reading age 
  • Pupils from South West Nigeria are twice as good at writing words compared to children using traditional approaches
  • Older pupils using our methods in the Niger Delta region are now 18 months ahead of their peers using traditional methods

30 million children and adolescents are currently unable to read and write in Nigeria preventing them from succeeding at school and significantly compromising their future prospects of finding employment and escaping the poverty trap. Almost half of students who have completed grade 6 at primary level leave school unable to read. The current method of learning to read and write is based on an ineffective method of memorising whole words which confuses many young learners in Nigeria, especially those learning English as a second language. At Universal Learning Solutions we believe that all children should be able to read and write with confidence and enjoy their right to learn. 

Through working with governments, teachers and local organisations, we provide a highly effective and fun phonics programme teaching children to read and write through memorable actions and songs, alongside providing mentoring support to trained teachers. Our current projects in Nigeria consistently show significant improvements in literacy rates for children regardless of their background. 

As our projects expand into new states across Nigeria we are looking for additional support to enable 10,000 disadvantaged children from the most remote, rural schools in the North of the country by helping them to read and write with confidence. With your help we plan to:

  • Provide fast-track phonics training to government primary school teachers from up to 200 of the most remote schools in Nigeria including Sokoto, Niger, Zamfara, Jigawa and Gombe states
  • Provide mp3 players to rural schools in up to five Northern states to help children learn the individual letter sounds and improve comprehension through listening to stories
  • Purchase a set of short child-friendly and culturally relevant reading books for rural schools to help children to read fluently

There can be no better way to help these children fulfil their true potential by enabling them to read and write. No matter what we raise your donation will still make a difference. Thank you for your support in helping to bring about significant change for Nigeria’s children. If you would like more information please feel free to contact us at




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