I will remove the barriers that stop young people of all backgrounds achieving a tailored and fair educative format using Maths & Football.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 My project is part of a wider plan that I have to change the barriers being put in place for young people from all backgrounds both in sport (initially football) and achieving a minimum grade C in math’s. 

Thus what I am hoping to achieve with Crowdfunder is to gain a initial small amount of funding to set up a under 15s' football maths team as part of a 'tuiton centre' in the local area where I was born and raised but with a twist.  

I shall explain; there are 100s of organisations out there using football as a medium to get young people who are disengaged from learning, back into it. 

However in reality (without realising) these groups are missing a big trick.

They take on and succesfully work with young people for a set period  of time with most obtaining basic qualifications which in the future are quite difficult to use and in turn form a long and financially rewarding career.

From my experince thus far of some young people involved in these courses; is they simply obtain a job in and sometimes then just falter, meaning if they do not like their daily job they simply choose it's easier to stay at home. I have seen this with my own eyes and through direct experience when working for some projects over the years.

I am not looking to set anything up that gives young people  qualifications and ways to avoid taking your GCSE’s (the 1st real port of call of adolescent examinations).

I am trying to change the way they think and I want 100% of my pupils to gain a grade C minimum in their Math’s GCSE (also to extend to English) before they leave the program or mini school depending on what we become.

This allows them to apply for 10000 + more job opportunities and they lead to careers rather than just jobs. This is what we should be doing, instead of almost just pulling the wool over their eyes with fun diplomas and courses which then lead to the next 40 to 50 years being a constant uphill struggle in terms of them working towards some form of financial freedom. 

It's important for young people to be taught, reminded and motivated such that they themselves create opportunities for growth and any young person embarking on their new career should one day look forward to buying their own home, travelling the world and gaining many more professional qualifications, that would be lost to them let's say if instead they got their level one badge in football coaching and then worked two hours per day coaching basic football.

Let's feed them knowledge and help keep them in class and focussed.  

What I have started...

We are called London Tuition Academy as well as  London Tuition Academy FC.
I will use my experience of working as a qualified maths teacher of 5 years working in a variety of schools as well as a football coach to start a  educational and football club / centre in order to change the face of football and young peoples views on math’s and how it is understood and taken seriously as a formal qualification.

The idea is eventually we can have hand picked students from the borough who are failing and on the verge of exclusion and I will work with them directly and change their thought process through the use of Math’s and Football.

Not only are we targeting the pupils on verge of exclusion it will be my mission to also provide gifted and talented pupils with an interest in sport to take part or pupils who are all A's and A*'s but have no confidence when it comes to sport and / or leading projects even though they are more than academically able to.  
This ensures we will be fully inclusive and cater to all young people. 

Each student will be tested* and also all data from their current school will be requested such that we can build up a good idea of the students we take on.

*Our testing is not just based on ones mathematical ability on paper, we will look at their mental arithmetic, their ability to think logically when given tasks that they are normally not use to and we will also test their ability to work as a team.
Each student will be given an individual Education Plan which will be reviewed 4 weekly and this will allow us to constantly monitor the progress of all pupils.
We are not solely focused on levels and grades we will also support these young people where required in terms of mentoring and advice as well as have special exam workshops and even employ yoga when it comes to exam time so the pupils are ready and calm.

Current Set up..

I am my strongest tool at that I have at the moment, and I need support from everyone here at crowdfunder to achieve what is needed.

Initially I am looking for some funding to top up my own personal savings of which has amassed a not – so grand total of £1000.00

I have saved this from my hard earned money being a teacher and still found it is not enough, I am looking for funding to start the team and classes and ideally a main sponsor who can grow with us day by day as the plan is to effectively run a very professional and outstanding mini school for which I have already looked at potential run down sites throughout London.
But as they say the best thing to do is walk before you can run, and this is what I intend to do.

II am 100% true to my word, in a nutshell I want to open a football club and maths school that will focus on young people who are not committed in school and instead of offering them easy 'get out of school cards' to learn things that cannot be converted into currency and instead help them into fruitful careers via having concrete GCSE qualifications; I will be focusing on the simple rule of 'get your GCSE' Math’s  via learning through football and also managing your emotions using football and teamwork to be the best you can be. 

What we require funding for…

The funding will be vital in the first year and further to pay for facility hire, kits, training equipment relevant safeguarding paperwork’s as well as all the legal side of things; I hope that with significant funding we can do this at an elite level instead of an every day run of the mill type operation.

I want to get footballers, business men and women as well as stars that young people know of more, think anyone positive :), I want them all to come in and speak with the young people involved.
Taking trips is also a vital part of learning we will look to undertake trips to the New Yorks math’s museum, the Louvre in Paris and computing the math’s on roller coasters at Thorpe park are just a few that we have thought of already.


The football equipment will include health and fitness at the forefront such as running resistances, speed ladders, moving walls for free kicks (just how the pros do it) and some more ingenious designs involving math’s such as roll out coordinate mats, roll out vector mats, roll out lots of types of math’s mats :).
(These are all to be researched and designed by my self and the team). 

Again my mission is to make sure pupils leave their year 11 secondary school with a grade C minimum in Math’s so that they can achieve and lead positive lives.

I will use football and the skills I possess having come from a ‘next to nothing’ type background. If I can do it so can they.

The dream one day is to have this as a borough wide program and then take it further such as national but for now we will start small and stick with concept of quality no matter how much the quantity, and soon ideally have an amazing well known footballer to come in and develop videos showing the math’s behind every day footballing, such that we can use these in class and on the pitch.


Thanks for your support. 


LTAcademy - Improving Futures using Maths and Football